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Scary Movie Scenes and the Dead Battery Saga

Okirobo fast charger team 11.09.2019

Why dead battery is so frightening?

Have you ever been in any situation where you needed help so badly, but had a flat or dead battery? Many of us may have found ourselves in such positions. And the most painful part is when dealing with a flat or dead battery. But if you have a power bank or preserve your battery, you can always call for help.

However, some of these scenarios might involve life and death, as commonly seen in the movies. It’s easier for audiences to brush off the idea and give little attention since it was just a movie scene. But even though the producers are trying to entertain, they are also passing a strong message with these movies.

dead battery of you phone

If your have dead battery it is really scares you.

Let’s take a look at movies where the protagonist’s battery died at a time where help was needed the most.

  1. The Cell (2016)

In this movie, John Cusack known as “Clayton Riddell” was a downcast artist. He left his beautiful wife and son behind to ensure his dream of getting a graphic novel published came to reality. A year later, he was ready to relocate back to base to rejoin his family. But while trying to connect with his family, his mobile phone’s battery suddenly went flat.

the cell movie dead battery

Cell movie 2016, dead battery was scary.

But that was when things began to look ugly. In an attempt to utilize a payphone, Riddell realized that something wasn’t right. An electronic signal had been broadcasted across mobile networks the world over, reprogramming cell phone users into killers. That was how the battle got serious for Riddell and the others who were still humans and alive. But they had to defend themselves one way or another to stay alive.

The irony of this movie was that Riddell wasn’t able to connect with his family, whom he left a year ago. And it’s all because of a flat battery which he could have easily avoided — and not having the opportunity to hear his family’s voice hunted him. But if he had a charged battery, he could have said all he needed to say before the incident struck.

But again, the battery died at the right time, some would say. Otherwise, Riddel could have become one of the victims. So, not being able to communicate with his family is a lesser problem than being infected.

  1. Get Out (2017)

This horror movie is a joy to watch and a lesson for all mobile device users. After watching the movie, you will realize what having a well-charged battery means and how it can save a life. Chris Washington, African-American photography in the film, visited his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time. But the young man didn’t know he was walking into a trap.

get out movie

Get out movie where dead battery made a problem.

He sensed something could be wrong, seeing how the gardener, housekeeper, and everyone in the house looked weird. But the big red flag was when someone repeatedly unplugged his mobile phone. He raised the alarm, but Rose, his girlfriend, joked about it.

When Chris became a bit certain that things were wrong, he immediately called Rod Williams, his friend and complained about the strange things he was seeing. And, when he tried to take a picture of Logan, an African-American like himself, his flash suddenly went off due to low battery. But then, the few photos he took saved his life because Rod was able to identify Logan, who was said to be missing long ago. And from that moment, Rod realized that Chris’s life could be in danger and acted swiftly.

It’s evident from the movie that not having a charged battery could have made things a lot worse for the poor Chris Washington. The little opportunity he had to communicate with Rod and take pictures with his mobile phone saved his life.

  1. Cloverfield

The Cloverfield is another movie where the dead-battery issue took place. A group of friends running away from a big monster came in contact with a guy who just came from a party. He was having a dead battery and wished he had the opportunity to connect with his lover.


Cloverfield – movie about dead battery phone.

There was another scene in the movie where the lead character, Rob, had to stop by a looted electronics store to get a cell phone battery. His phone battery initially ran down when trying to connect with his ex-girlfriend, Beth, to know if she was safe.

  1. Drag Me to Hell

In reality, mobile phone users may not face what the lead character in Drag Me to Hell experienced. The producers were only trying to pass a message that anything can happen, so we must be fully alert. The movie shows that even demons that drained it’s victim’s battery with supernatural powers know the importance of having a fully charged battery. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have spent so much time and energy, trying to drain an ordinary battery.

drag me to hell dead battery

Movie Drag me to hell with dead battery scene.

This scene in the movie “Drag Me to Hell” depicts how having a fully charged battery can be a lifesaver in difficult or life-threatening situations.

  1. The Gingerdead Man

The Gingerdead man is another horror movie with a lesson for mobile phone users. It all happened when Sarah and Brick Fields, two bakery employees, discovered a strange gingerbread spice mix. They made a gingerbread man out of it. But during the process, Brick accidentally spilled his blood on the dough.

Gingerdeadman dead battery

Dead battery even in the Gingerdeadman movie.

After a while in the industrial oven, the baked gingerbread man became a monster, killing everyone that crosses its path. During one of the attacks, Sarah tried contacting the police, but the line wasn’t working. With death staring at them in the face, her friend, Lorna tried reaching her dad with a cell phone, but the battery went flat. The low battery made it difficult for them to warn others or even call for help.

What to do with a flat battery?

These are just movies, but they are meant to entertain and educate us. Most of them also leave us with great life lessons. Having a fully charged battery can save your life in any circumstance. It may also help you to warn others and save their lives. So always ensure that your battery is appropriately charged or get yourself a reliable power bank.

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