Okirobo Wireless Power bank Users Manual. Features of the work of the power bank

Our focus while creating this charging is to ensure convenience and make life simple for all our users. But we also support the preservation of nature. And as a consequence, you won’t find paper instruction in the form of manual. But there is no cause for alarm. We understand some users might have one or two challenges operating the power bank, so we created a series of brief instructions to address those challenges.

Warning: We are not against users charging two phones at a go with the Okirobo wireless charging. The Okirobo portable charging wireless can handle that anyway. What we would never recommend (to ensure optimal efficiency and durability of the portable power) is charging  and at the same time, using it to charge your device(s).

A portable charger is a fairly well-known and widespread new gadget with which you can quickly restore the energy of a mobile device if there is no access to a regular outlet. That is, portable wireless power is a battery that can share previously stored energy with a phone, tablet, etc. You can charge your portable device from a regular outlet, take it with you on a hike, fishing, etc. and always stay connected.

From this article, we will learn the features of the operation of power banks and learn how to work with them correctly.

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Charging Smartphone/Mobile Phones: How to Use Wireless Option of the Power Bank

Does your phone support the wireless charging option? That’s the first thing you need to consider. If your answer is yes, then follow the steps below. 

STEP 1: Turn the wireless charging feature on by simply pressing the button displayed at the top of the device (Okirobo power bank). 

STEP 2: Now place the phone (smartphone or mobile device) on your power bank. Ensure it’s on top were you have the wireless pictogram displayed.

Note: Okirobo can charge power your phone (Any mobile device) super fast. But that depends on whether it’s wearing the case or not. You must know that the power bank’s charging speed is lower when it’s wearing the case. In other words, your battery will not charge fast. So if your goal is to get your phone battery charged quickly, consider taking off the case. But you must put the cover back once you finish charging.

Over-heating, current & voltage: These two features are what most users dread. They are also the reason most power banks don’t last long. But the good news is the Okirobo is well-protected and can handle over-heating, over-current, and voltage issues perfectly well. What this implies is that even if you allow it to charge throughout the night, nothing will happen.

Portable wireless power bank charger

What if your phone doesn’t support wireless charging? How to use the Okirobo for such a situation

This power bank does not only work for phones that support wireless charging. It charges any device, provided the USB cord can enter that of the phone. So, here are simple tips to charge your phone batteries if it does support wireless charging. 

STEP 1:  Connect the cable to the USB A port of the Okirobo power bank.

STEP 2: Plug in the cable already connected to the power bank to your mobile device. 

STEP 3: Hit the on button on the Okirobo power bank.

Easy Steps to Charge Your Tablet or iPad with the Okirobo Power Bank

STEP 1: Plug the USB cable into the Okirobo Power bank’s USB A port.

STEP 2: Plug the USB cable into the charging port of your mobile device (Tablet or iPhone). 

STEP 3: Now hit the ON button on the Okirobo power bank. 

Charging Laptop with Okirobo Power Bank: Simple Steps to follow

The Okirobo power bank not only charges your mobile devices. The unique thing about this power bank is that it can charge your laptop as well. 

NOTE: Ensure you have a laptop that a power bank can charge perfectly well. If you have one, then follow the steps below. 

STEP 1: Get your USB cable and connect it to the USB A port of the Okirobo wireless. 

STEP 2: Plug the cable from the power bank into your laptop. 

STEP 3: Hit the ON button on the Okirobo power bank. 

NOTE: Please ensure your laptop is switched off while charging with this power bank. The reason is that much energy is used up by the laptop when it’s on, and this might make it difficult to charge your laptop battery fully.


In conclusion, let’s talk about how to properly use an external battery. In order for the device to serve for a long time, the following simple rules must be observed:

  • We always charge fully, we do not allow a full discharge. That is, the correct charge is up to 100%, the discharge is not lower than 5–10%.
  • We charge a discharged battery immediately, as soon as possible, and do not put it in a desk drawer for an indefinite period.
  • If we do not intend to use an external battery for a long time, then before storage we charge it to about 70%.
  • If you notice that the battery capacity has dropped significantly, we do three cycles: full charge / full discharge (see the section “What to do immediately after purchase”). This will “rewrite the statistics” of the battery – we will remind the controller of the full charge and full discharge levels.
  • With intensive use of the device, we carry out three cycles every 3-4 months – full charge / full discharge (see paragraph above), even if we did not notice a decrease in the battery capacity.
  • We do not expose the device to low and high temperatures – we do not put it in the sun, in a refrigerator, try not to use it in the cold (usually practiced by “advanced” users to “preserve capacity”). Overheating and cooling will drastically reduce battery life.
  • We do not use cheap adapters from unknown manufacturers.

Well, we found out what a power bank is, learned how to use it correctly. Following the recommendations given in the article, we will ensure long-term and trouble-free operation of this irreplaceable gadget.

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