The Peak of the Power Bank Market is Coming


Global Power Bank Market Grows: Consumption Peak 2030

According to a study by the portal Grand View Research, in 2019 the power bank market was valued at almost $7 billion. After that, there was a noticeable decline, and now there is a strong rise, which is growing every day. Scientists estimate that by 2030 the market for power banks will grow by at least 18%.

According to research, over the past decade, the demand for gadgets has risen by the 56%. Scientists are confident that the technological era is bound to have consequences. The new way of life will inevitably affect humanity and the planet. So what does it means?

In this article, we will find out:

  • The current situation in the power bank market
  • What influenced the power bank market downturn 2020
  • Power bank market outlook after 2021
  • Which countries influence the power bank market the most
  • Recommendations for choosing power banks

The current situation in the power bank market

The modern world is developing at a high speed. Humanity is changing and this affects global changes in our world. The present period is called the period of technological progress. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a growing demand among consumers for smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops.

Of course, smartphones are the leader of these devices. Smartphones are the most affordable and functional device. Users have access to almost all the functions that laptops have. However, using a smartphone is not as convenient as using a computer. However, this does not bother anyone. Mainly because the most essential function for the average person is Internet access.


The proliferation of smartphones and tablets explains the explosion of interest in power banks. Almost every smartphone owner needs this helper device. 78% of smartphone users will use up their phone charge in just 5 hours of active use. Therefore, it is very convenient to have a power bank that has a reserve of at least two phone charging sessions. The conclusion is this: power banks are the second most popular thing after smartphones and tablets.

What influenced the power bank market downturn in 2020

Despite the high demand from power banks, the market for this device has fallen sharply in 2020. This is easy to explain: the 2020 pandemic has crippled the sales market in almost all niches. People around the world feared the future, and the atmosphere was tense. Nobody knew what would happen next.


This is why consumers saved money and avoided spending it on nonessential goods. Also, people spent most of their time in their home, where the socket is always at hand. Although, undoubtedly, the power bank is convenient even at home. Power punk gives you the opportunity not to be tied to one location. There is no need to sit near a power outlet and use your phone while it is charging.

Power bank market outlook after 2021

The Power Bank market in 2021 felt a surge of energy and made a leap upward. A difficult year for the whole world, 2020 has passed and during this time the pandemic began to decline. Little by little, people return to their normal lives. Shopping, travel, restaurants, and events are gradually returning to our lives.


All this happens outside the house, the charge of the smartphone can go down at any minute. This is why power banks have regained their popularity. In addition, demand increased by 4.2% compared to 2019 (before the pandemic). Researchers are confident that demand will increase every year and will peak until 2030. Such conclusions are due to the fact that humanity is returning to an active rhythm of life. And hardly anyone is going to stop.

Which countries influence the power bank market the most

The worldwide consumption of power banks is not evenly distributed across the planet. The more progressive a country or city is, the higher the level of demand for a power bank. That is why the USA and progressive countries of Europe (Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland) are the leaders in the consumption of power banks.

Residents of dynamically developing countries are more digitalized and technologically advanced. The category of advanced people uses tech gadgets every day. Users change smartphones every year on average. Sometimes these are phones of different brands, which means that different power banks are needed. Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about changing the power bank along with your phone.


Recommendations for choosing power banks

Ever since the market for power banks began to grow and develop, competition has skyrocketed. New lucrative offers have appeared on the market, which are surpassing their predecessors. Okirobo is an excellent example of high-quality power banks!

The Okirobo product was developed by a family of engineers from the United States. After that, most Americans preferred the patriotic manufacturer. Okirobo manufactures versatile and powerful power cans. The gadget has modern charging ports: Type-C and Lightning. It is also multifunctional: there is wireless charging and Quick Charge technology 4.


Okirobo Power Bank users do not have to worry about charging their phones. And a custom script brings relief and anxiety relief for the whole day. The owner of such a power bank only needs to charge the device, which recharges in just 60 minutes! After that, you can charge as many as 3 devices at the same time. And if you need to quickly charge your phone, use QC 4 technology and charge your smartphone up to 50% in 30 minutes. And all this with battery overheating protection!

It is recommended to buy a device from Okirobo on Amazon through okirobo.com!

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