Why Does Apple Charging Cable Break: Explained


How to deal with a low-quality iPhone charging cable

Most Apple users have a cable issue. Although Apple products mostly have excellent quality, charging cable is very fragile. Usually, lines break after a couple of months of use. Then any charging becomes a problem.

Why does Apple charging cables brakes?

It remembers just a tiny amount of people, but Apple cables were not always so fragile. Users started to complain in the year 2006. But what happened to cause such a big failure?


What is more important: design or functionality?

Apple charging cable had a different design until 2006. They had protective ribbed strain reliefs that prevented lines from breaking. But professional Apple company designers decided to change the design to be smoother but less protected and functional. 

The engineering team in Apple realized that it is not the best decision for charging performance. Unfortunately, the design in the Apple company is the most important thing. Even more essential than the functionality.

As a result, charging technology from Apple became low-quality in 2007. Customers started to complain, and it has been going on until now. Although, iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks didn’t become less popular.

Despite how it seems Apple is a good ecology guy

Although cable design played a significant role in changing the charger’s construction, it is not the only reason for those changes. Steve Jobs introduced the Environmental Initiative into his product.


This project got the name “A Greener Apple.” The Apple team tried to avoid harmful ecology pieces in their product as much as they could. So we can conclude that Jobs left a great legacy after himself.

No matter how great the idea was, this issue has to be solved. This tiny detail, as low-quality charging causes extra expenses for customers—the day when clients’ loyalty comes to an end. 

How Apple is going to solve the cable issue

Apple cables changed because of PVC. It is a tight material that provided braking. Now it is gone and was replaced by very tiny ecology material. The Apple team has found an ecology-friendly solution for this issue. 


The team has developed a durable fabric-braided cable for Home Pod and iMac. Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy it separately or get an iPhone in a set with a smartphone. 

The good news is Apple released the Lightning cable with this new durable and ecology design. This news may mean we will buy it in the nearest future. Apple may start making such cables for all their future technical models.


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