Fast Wireless Charging: Top 3 Myths First Exposure


The 3 most common myths about the fast wireless charging

The Internet is full of informative articles on various topics, but people’s mind is still full of tales about technologies. Many people keep asking the same naive questions. 

Many users are even afraid of disruptive functionality that changes our world. But now, it is time to find out how evolutionary features as fast wireless charging work. 

Is fast wireless charging dangerous for health?

The hilarious myth that people made up is about technologies’ impact on human health. The possible option about why these stories come up is a lack of education. Unfortunately, people who do not understand even the fundamental physics principles are afraid of technologies. 

They can not explain the mystery of electronic doors in a mall or remote control of TV (not saying about voice control). So they describe everything that they can not understand as dangerous. Such an attitude makes people’s world smaller and more impoverished.


Let’s think straight: the wireless charging interrupts with less than 1 meter of distance. So how could such a weak device impact human health, especially organs covered with skin and bones? It is a story that has no logic and sense. 

People in developed countries get impact from electrical appliance mostly every minute: TV, radio, computer, phone, cellular, microwave oven and so on. All the electrical things that we used to are not dangerous for human beings. 

Scientifics approved long ago that the actual impact on human health can be caused only by radioactive. To be more precise, we are talking about prolonged contact with powerful unshielded radiation. And the harm will lie in warming up the water molecules in the cells. 

For example, it is dangerous for people: 

  • Close contact with a military radar;
  • A microwave oven without a door;
  • Cellular station directed on a person less than in 2 meters. 

The only recommendation about the wireless charger is to keep it away from the cardiostimulator. It actually takes any powerful device, according to medical instruction. In fact, there is a wireless charger specially for cardiostimulators. 

Is fast wireless charging dangerous for smartphones?

Readers may surprise by the answer after the first statement. Although, the short answer is Yes! But it not because of precisely wireless charging, but any charging at all. So those people who afraid of harming their phone with wireless charging breaks it in any way.

The main point is the physical and chemical charging process. Here is the deal: any accumulator lives fast and dies young. It is a normal process between lithiums and ions. Those substances exchange their material that is ending one day. So when the accumulator recurses are spent, then the battery has to be changed. 

Please note that the main point is the quantity of charging cycles, not how a phone gets the charge. It does not matter to any smartphone to accept the power from a wireless charger or the opposite. It means wireless charger as a fact has no impact on smartphones life. But the charging at all is the actual reason for the harm.


The other thing that harms smartphones is the surrounding temperature. Especially while charging (in any way). Too high temp (around +30 degrees and higher) causes battery overheating. It goes the same with too low temp (around -20 degrees or lower). Lithiums and ions try to charge the phone too hard, as so overheats themselves.

By the way, one of the most unexpected that is harmful to a smartphone’s battery is a simple case. Of course, it was made for glass and phone protection. But phone cases do not let the phone cool in its natural way. It is also causes overheating, so you need to change the accumulator. 

It does not mean that people have to refuse any cases because broken glass is more expensive than battery changing. But it needs to be used wisely.

What kind of power adapter do you need for wireless charging?

Independent researches showed that the efficiency of a regular charger is around 97%. It means that the adapter gets 100% of power from a socket and can transfer 97% to the phone. So the adapter takes only 3% to complete an effective action. It’s like we eat food to get energy, but we spend some power to make an action (eat). 

We hope you keep this information in your mind to accept the following. Compared with a regular charger, the efficiency of fast wireless charging is around 60%-75%. It means that a wireless charger takes much more power to deliver the energy from a socket to your phone. It is about wireless chargers with Qi technology. So it is recommended to use an adapter with a higher power level than your wireless charger has. 


For example, if your charger is 5W, then you need to use a power adapter 15W. Imagine this for a better understanding of this principle. If you use a 5W adapter with a 5W charger, the wireless charger will take all the energy. It is needed to provide itself with power for delivering power to your phone. So the efficiency of this action is going to zero.

The other one that affects fast wireless charging efficiency is the location. No, it is not some geographical stuff. The charging efficiency of the Qi standard is influenced by:

  • The position of the phone on the charging station;
  • Their characteristics and dimensions.

We can conclude that the proper use of wireless charging is a complex action. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But it always exists a better way of using it.

How to use wireless charging with high efficiency?

Despite all these facts, fast wireless charging can be effective. The decision is simple – power banks with fast wireless charging! Let’s think: the power bank as Okirobo takes the energy from the socket to itself. When any user needs to charge a phone through the wireless charger, it takes a smartphone on the charging side of the power bank battery. 


So a power bank does not need to do several actions in one moment (take the energy from a socket and give it to a phone battery). The power bank gives energy to any smartphone with wireless charging opportunities. Also, an Okirobo power bank has Quick Charge 4 technology with protection from overheating. So you could charge up your phone up to 50% for 30 minutes with absolute safe. Buy now Okirobo on Amazon and get benefits!

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