Top 10 sexy new m1x Apple MacBook Pro 2021 memes.


Apple MacBook Pro 2021 memes are very popular on the internet. We gathered the best memes about new Apple laptops with m1x chip and notch on the screen. This is the biggest collection of Apple computers. When we find a new meme about the new 2021 Apple computer, we add it to this article.

The most popular Apple MacBook Pro 2021 memes are here

New Macbook Pro is just around the corner. We’ll tear them apart.

A real breakthrough. And they’ve managed to do this with the new Apple MacBook Pro.

Can’t imagine what’s there’ll be next.

Apple MacBook Sparta meme

Apple computers are not for regular people.

MacBook Pro M1 16 Gb. Sorry, don’t recognize you in makeup.

What to do with a notch?

We all held our breath it’s not that easy to take in that Apple could really do that awful notch. Why? Could you feel more stupid? And it looks really interesting that in Apple’s promo there isn’t any trace of the notch. If it’s a cool feature why all this hiding? The whole internet is now full of memes and jokes about this doubtful feature.

The New Apple computer notch is very popular among users. Soon you will find tons of memes about this screen notch.

Apple computer notch meme

What do you think? Is it look great?

2021 Apple MacBook notch

The notch is a home for a really good webcam.  But what with the Face ID absence? ­Yep, another frustration for Apple users. Taking into account that Windows laptops can do facial recognition. And this is really below the belt.

Bringing back to Apple MacBook Pro 2021 memes the stuff we missed

And that’s what gives us the effect of déjà vu. But it’s the best upgrade when they got back MagSafe, SD card reader, and HDMI slot. The magnetic charging method will give a 50% charge in 30 minutes. Cool, right?! And what can really encourage you to buy a new MacBook Pro is a new keyboard without Touch Bar. Many Apple fans will be happy to find out this.

2021 MacBook Pro ports are back

All the pros you will find in the new MacBook Pro 2021

  • 1080p FaceTime camera;
  • M1 Pro or M1Max Processors;
  • Better sound ever with a six-speaker sound system, that delivers up to 80 %more bass. Plus, built-in microphone, made to pick up the background noise.

The only thing to digest left it’s a price. And we are talking here about MacBook 14-inch and 16-inch. They are not really cheap, you know. Starting from $1999 and $2499 respectively. But that comes without M1 Max chip. Want to have M1, prepare an extra $500.

I’ve always dreamt to have a 14-inch Macbook Pro. And know I have it. Wow.

macbook pro 2021 m1x price

Killing us softly with your new trend. MacBook Pro M1

We choke when excited.  Well, 2021 could you be more catchy? MacBook Pro release date made this year.

macbook pro m1x 2021 mouse connector

New trend by MacBook Pro 2021

Notch and beard that’s exactly what man needs today along with the beard and charisma.

Apple MacBook Pro magic

You’re my precious Macbook Pro 15… Just don’t put it into your back pocket

Apple MacBook Pro after bagpack

The unequal battle: Nintendo vs Macbook Pro 16 inch

Apple MacBook Pro vs Nintendo

Shoot a photo. If you dare. Just be gentle. Your MacBook Pro 15in

photo with new Apple MacBook Pro 2021

Legendary and classic games for MacBook Pro. Don’t forget to breathe.

Gamin on new Apple MacBook Pro 2021 memes can be awesome.

gaming on new MacBook Pro 2021

MacBook Pro M1 chip. Mission Impossible

Now Apple MacBook Pro 2021 supports Windows:

Apple MacBook Pro supports Windows

MacBook Pro price it’s for those who understand. But if you don’t have enough money you may buy Apple Mac lite. It is cheaper and sometimes better.

Apple MacBook lite meme

New Macbook Pro 2021 feel free to use as a gaming laptop. Apple computers always were very comfortable for everyday gaming. Gamers from all over the world dream to have it for Half-Life 2 or so…



gaming on Apple MacBook Pro 2021 m1x meme

Gaming on Mac!


Can’t stand your beauty it’s unbearable. 2021 MacBook Pro. We love this notch.

new Apple MacBook Pro 2021 notch meme

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