How to charge portable charger

How do you know if your portable charger is fully charged


It is simple to check that the portable charger is fully charged. The large number of up-to-date portable batteries have a built-in four LED indicator. When you connect the power supply, one LED lights up. When the battery is ready, all four LEDs light up.

You will know if your portable charger is fully charged

More advanced ones show charging as a percentage, which is undoubtedly more accurate but not very important. You should know that when it is more than 75 percent complete – 3 diodes on or 50% – 2 diodes on). If the indicators do not work on the device, estimating the amount of charge is much more challenging. In this situation, fully discharge and check the user manual what is the time period to charge the battery completely. If we do not have instructions in paper form, we can always look at its characteristics on the Internet. Next, you need to charge the power bank exactly for the time period recommended in the instructions.

Portable power bank

What does it mean when your portable charger is blinking red

Many manufacturers work with different colors. Therefore, it is not always possible to establish what this or that blinking means unambiguously.

Often the power bank blinks red when you connect it to the charging cable. Constant blinking means the device is charging. You may consider you charged the battery if the LED changes color or lights up continuously.

It depends on the power bank capacity, that the charging process can take up to 12 hours – it all depends on your charger. In addition, a flashing red LED may indicate that the power bank is almost empty.

If the power bank continues to flash red even when you think you have charged it, this may indicate a malfunction. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer’s service center.

How to charge power bank

How to charge a portable charger? Let’s do the charging correctly

Rumors persist that you should first fully discharge batteries and only then fully charge them. In the case of modern batteries, this statement is misleading. In addition, following these tips can even shorten the lifespan of your power bank under some circumstances.

Spend as much time as you need so your power bank is “ful”, regardless of whether the external battery’s capacity is “full” to the maximum or not. Under no circumstances should you charge your power bank each time you charge 100 percent.

If you do not need the power bank for some time, it is optimal to leave its charge at 30 to 70 percent. Depending on the specific model, you can charge the power bank directly from a wall socket or, for example, via USB.

If your power bank doesn’t have its power supply, you can usually still charge it from an electrical outlet. In most cases, power supplies from smartphones or tablets are suitable. However, it is imperative to ensure that the power supply has a 5-volt output. You always may charge an external battery via your computer’s USB port, but the process will take a little longer. There are power banks with solar panels that are recharged from the sun directly during the journey for travel enthusiasts. Find out if the travellers can take portable chrger on a plane here.

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