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The new iPhone 12 is declassified. iPhone 12 memes.

Okirobo fast charger team 27.08.2020

Finally, we know about the new iPhone 12 memes

People from all over the World and Universe wait for new iPhone 12 memes. Apple phone is the most important gadget of all times. All the other topics and news does not matter.

That is why the Okirobo multibank team send an agent into the Apple Cupertino campus. Our agent was caught and now there is no news from him. Probably he is gone. But he could send us some new pics of Apple phone and some iPhone 12 memes.

First, we would like to show you how will it look like:

new iphone 12 memes

iphone 12 will look like this.


On the picture, you see not the iPhone 12 memes, but it is a true Apple phone. It will look like this 100%. We checked everything in Google and it told us that this is true.

Google always tells you the truth. Search Google and you will be lucky.

There is an alternative variant of how the new Apple phone will look. Here, our agent send us photo and this is not iPhone 12 memes. That was one of the last photos that he send us.

iphone 12 pro memes

The new iPhone in 2020 could be like this.


From the picture, we see that Apple decided to return to the old good retro style. We in Okirobo think that Apple engineers were inspired by the 60-s. We don’t know why. Way be they had a party or saw Clint Eastwood movies. What do you think? For old people, it will be very convenient.

Serious photos of new Cupertino phone 12

Some people say that it might be iPhone 12 memes, but this photo leaks directly from the Apple Cupertino campus. Our agent found these pics in the cafeteria rubbish bin.

updated iphone 12 memes

This is a new Apple phone series.

This is the whole series of Apple iPhone 12 in 2020. The last white iPhone 12 Ultra Mega Pro Max Plus is the best. It will cost $14.765. It is not too much for such a gadget. By the way, you may take a loan in the bank and preorder this masterpiece. You will be the coolest guy of something for almost 1 year! In the beginning, you will be maximum cool. Later, when other people will take loans you will be less, but still cool.

alternative apple design

A new alternative design of Apple phone.


From our other agent in the Apple Cupertino campus, we know that the alternative design team made another design for iPhone. Again, this is not the New iPhone 12 memes. Designers were inspired by cooking something in the kitchen and made this brave design. We think in Okirobo that such design will be popular among people who love to cook something with parmesan cheese. We believe to see parmesan already in the box with a new phone. This is a very strong marketing move. Italy could be the biggest market for this gadget.

Serious Apple phone or not?

We think that the next picture is not a meme.

iphone 12 in spinner style

Spinner version of the iPhone.


Unfortunately, this pic is 100% meme. We think it was a real design for the new iPhone some years ago. Spinner was popular and sky were blue, full of airplanes. It was a real project, but people from Cupertino saw in Google that spinner trend goes down. That is why they cancelled this design.

shaver iPhone meme

Apple iPhone with the shaver.


This is a revolution in the phone building industry of the USA and the whole world! Phone with the shaver. People from Xiaomi and Pocofone are creasy about it. Can you imagine how comfortable it is? Your shaver always with you, on your phone. You may talk, play Angry Birds, watch YouTube and shave at the same time!

best iphone 2020 memes

iphone se 2020 meme

This small picture of the small Apple iPhone SE 2020. It is just small.

Our agent suffered to get this picture. Share this article. Maybe it will help.

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