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New iPhone 12 pro colors – no wall charger, fast battery drain, high price.


Apple iPhone 12 Pro colors are Here


It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is excited about the launch of the new iPhone. We know you’ve been eager too. This year has been no exception, and after initially delaying the launch, Apple has now released the iPhone 12. Apple iPhone 12 PRO colors are great, but what about the rest?


This year’s lineup consists of 4 models, and Apple promises that the lineup features some of the biggest advances in the iPhone to date. Compared to the iPhone 11, you’ll see improvements in all the major specifications.


But there is a downside to these improvements. Now I hear you ask how there can be a downside to these improvements. Before we explain, let’s look at the improvements first.


4 Major Improvements of new iPhone


1. The first improvement is the addition of the A14 Bionic chip, which is the same chip you’ll find in the new iPad Air. The inclusion of this chip brings more processing power and ensures a faster and smoother user experience.

apple bionic 14 new processor

Apple’s new bionic 5 nano processor.


2. iPhone 12 is also the first iPhone that features 5G connectivity. 5G promises speeds between 10 times and 100 times faster than your normal 4G connection. You’ll thus be able to download, stream, and perform other tasks much smoother and faster.

apple first customer

Who will buy Apple iPhone?


3. Like last year’s model, the iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch display, with the Pro Max featuring a 6.7-inch screen and the Mini a 5.4-inch one. Although screen sizes largely stay the same, all models feature higher resolutions.

Apple iPhone 12 pro display

New display of Apple iPhone 12 pro is better and sometimes bigger.

Apple also improved the camera on the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 Pro gets a new lens with 2.5X optical zoom and the Pro Max’s camera has 5X optical zoom. This is a substantial improvement compared to the 2X optical zoom in previous models. In addition to the lens, the camera also features more modes.


4. New Apple iPhone 12 PRO colors are great. You can choose your favorite color. They are new and fresh as always. Apple can do that.

apple iPhone 12 pro colors

New colors of Apple iPhone 12 pro.

These improvements sound great, but as we said, they come with a downside. Let’s look at these.


The Downside of new Apple phone


You might wonder what the downside to all these improvements is. It’s simple. They all come at the expense of using more power.


Think of a high-performance car for a moment. Generally, as performance increases, so does fuel consumption. Similar to a high-performance car, the faster your phone is, the more power it uses.


By using a faster processor, that can perform more computations per second compared to a slower processor, you use more battery power. In simple terms, the faster the phone is, the quicker its battery runs out of power.


1. Similarly, a larger screen with a higher resolution also uses more power. In this case, the screen size has stayed the same, but Apple upped the resolution. This means there are more pixels. These pixels need power, and, logically, more pixels use more power.

new Apple iPhone 12 pro max price

New screen and price of iPhone 12 PRO max.


2. Lastly, 5G connectivity may mean faster speeds, but it also means that your phone will use more power. In fact, this can have a massive impact on battery life, especially when you have a bad signal.

new iPhone 12 like 5 design

New iPhone 12 looks like 5.


3. Price. New Apple iPhones pricing is the most expensive in the world. Now you need to pay much more than $1K for PRO model. Old iPhone SE 2020 did not become cheaper. Now Apple want $399 for it. Google Pixel 4a cost $349 for the same functionality.

Apple iPhone pricing 2020

Prices on iPhones in 2020.




But what does this mean to you, the iPhone owner? It means your phone will use more power and, yes, you’ll have to charge more. For this, you may need a power bank.

Okirobo recheargeable power bank usa

Cell phone battery pack charger on Amazon.

A power bank will ensure that you always have power on hand, and you can stay connected all day. Apart from this, a power bank can also help to protect your battery by doing partial charges. With this, you’ll ensure reliable service from your phone for years to come.

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