The Best Rechargeable Power Bank For iPhone, Android, And iPad

Okirobo recheargeable power bank usa

The Okirobo battery pack 10000mah on Amazon is one of the fastest wireless charging banks in the whole United States. Some of the excellent functions of Okirobo wireless charging bank include: 

  • A high-speed charging port reading 22.5W that works excellently for both Android and Apple devices;
  • A high-speed wireless charging pad reading 15W. This pad can charge your device from 0% to 50% in around 30 minutes;
  • A speedy wall charger for the two charging cables and your iPhone, Android and iPad power bank;

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recheargeable power bank box

Buy The Rechargeable Power Bank And Get Two Charging Cables And A High-Speed Wall Charger!

By taking a step to buy such cell phone battery pack charger on Amazon, it means you’re ready to get the fastest battery-powered cell phone charger. This iPhone backup charger features a high-speed wireless charging and cable charging reading 15W and 22.5W, respectively. Other than this, the box of this iPad power bank will come with free lightning to USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-A cable. 

Besides the above features, your Okirobo wireless charging bank will also come with a high-speed wall charger reading 18W.  You can use this wall charger and all the cables with your Android or iPhone device. 

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The Fastest Rechargeable Power Bank With Rapid Recharging!

The Okirobo cell phone battery pack charger remains to be amongst the fastest wireless charging banks you can purchase in the United States of America. You can recharge this beautiful Okirobo iPad power bank from 0 – 90% within three hours. For the full recharge, such battery-powered cell phone charger takes only 3 1/2 hours. In the case of the high-speed wall charger, it is functional and easy to handle whenever recharging your iPhone backup charger. 

Our Qualcomm chipset is the secret behind the super-fast recharging feature of our rechargeable power bank. This creativity in rechargeable batteries has brought a significant change in how we charge our Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. 

NB: If your time is limited, ensure you recharge your Oki cell phone battery pack charger from 4 to 90%. The charging speed will decrease if your iPhone backup charger charges past the 90% mark. Ensure that you always observe this so that you can prolong the battery life of your battery pack and use it for several hours. 

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Why Purchase The Amazon’s Okirobo battery-powered cell phone charger

  • fast charging power bank

    Such cell phone battery pack charger features a high-speed cable charging that you cannot easily come across. With the new Qualcomm chipset, your device gets a raw power reading 22.5W. In general, Okirobo is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a portable charger for your iPhone, Android, or iPad.

  • fast recharging power bank

    This battery-powered cell phone charger features an unmatched 18-watt USB-C charger that allows it to recharge fully within 4 hours. For charging this five-star power bank, you can use the standard Macbook charger or the one that comes with the box.

  • portable charger iphone

    A non-slip and soft-touch cover that provides a super-fast, convenient, and futuristic wireless charging, preventing your precious device from scratching.

  • 15 w wireless charging

    A portable charger that delivers a super-fast and 15-watt wireless charging for all devices supporting it. With this power bank, your Android, iPhone, or iPad device will get charged up to 50% in less than 30 minutes.

  • best power bank for iphone or android

    The Okirobo battery pack 10000mah works excellently for all Android, iPhone, or iPad devices. The exciting thing is that it can charge even the Macbook models of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

  • best power bank for iphone se 2

    This rechargeable power bank is the best deal for new and updated Apple iPhone SE 2 2020 or Google Pixel 4a phone. Those two phones are great, but the capacity of their battery is not so good. So, just buy Okirobo on Amazon and your battery will work longer.

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wireless charging bank

A Super-Fast 15-watt Wireless Charging!

The Okirobo cell phone battery pack charger features a beautiful, wireless charging pad that enhances a wireless charging of up to 15W. Therefore, with this cell phone battery pack charger, you can charge your Android, iPhone, or iPad to 50% within 30 minutes. All these features explain why our Okirobo battery pack 10000mah is amongst the fastest battery-powered cell phones in the whole world. 

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battery powered cell phone charger

Let The Okirobo Battery-Powered Cell Phone charger Be Your Top Choice If You’re After A High-Speed Charging Pad!

The Okirobo portable charger is the power bank to consider because you can charge it using the wall charger as it charges three devices at the same time. Therefore, it is not a problem to charge three different mobile devices and your Okirobo power bank at the same time. The only thing to do here is: 

  1. Plug your new battery-powered cell phone charger into your house wall holding the wall charger;
  2. Place your mobile device, which backs up wireless charging, on the wireless charging logo of newly bought Okirobo battery-powered cell phone charger;
  3. Connect a type-A  USB cable with your iPad,  iPhone or Android device;
  4. Connect a type-C USB cable with your iPad,  iPhone or Android device;
  5. Now sit and wait for this portable charger to do its work!

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Okirobo Battery-Powered Cell Phone Charger FAQs

Can I use the Okirobo iPhone backup charger to charge my mobile device several times before recharging it?

The Okirobo portable charger features a remarkable battery capacity of 10000mah and can give you an excellent charging experience with a single charge. The battery capacity of your mobile device is what dictates the number of times you will charge it using the Okirobo cell phone battery pack charger. Other than this, you can use the high-speed wall charger to recharge your Okirobo portable charger. You can also use the standard USB-C charger of MacBook to charge your power bank fully within four hours.

Can I use the Okirobo battery pack 10000mah to charge an Apple Series 4 Watch?

Yes, but you can make it possible with the help of a special adapter. However, you will need to buy this adapter separately and then allow the Okirobo battery-powered cell phone charger to do its work.


Can the Okirobo battery pack 10000mah charge an iPhone XR?

Yes, the Okirobo portable charger is amongst the best power banks when it comes to charging an iPhone XR. Here, you can use the Okirobo as the wireless charger or using the type-A USB cable on your Okirobo battery pack 10000mah.

Can the Okirobo portable charger charge the new Samsung galaxy s10e?

Yes, the Okirobo charger can charge the new Samsung galaxy s10e, including iPhone XR, Apple iPhone 8, SE 2, Apple iPhone 7, Sony devices, Google Pixel, and Xiaomi. In fact, this power bank works excellently even with some laptops. It is a portable power bank that allows you to charge it and three other devices simultaneously. In general, the Okirobo Portable Charger is the best power bank to go for if you’re looking for a top-notch portable charger for your Samsung Galaxy S10e.

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