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TOP-5 Best Brands For Power Banks for iPhone


In order to be most useful and point-wise to choose a suitable charger for the iPhone 12/12 Pro, you need to analyze your needs and lifestyle. In our selection, we have selected the best portable charging options for iPhone from different manufacturers and with different pricing policies. We present to your attention both original Apple chargers and quality copies (OEM) from the one Lounge brand. The selection also includes not only typical charging blocks, but also wireless chargers, power banks with USB (C), as well as automobile ones.

Choose a charger based on your needs and lifestyle:

  • Mains chargers. In any case, wall chargers are a universal option that suits all iPhone 12 users.
  • Car chargers. If you spend a lot of time driving, portable charger is also an option for you. It is difficult to find a conventional car charger, but you can choose the option with a mount on the ventilation grill.
  • Power bank. A resident of a megalopolis, with an active rhythm, simply needs a good powerful power bank. Also, this portable option is ideal for travel.
  • Wireless chargers. Ideal for owners of multiple Apple gadgets. Such charging will save you from a bunch of unnecessary wires and will perfectly fit into the interior of your home or office.

Wireless charger silver power bank

In any case, no matter what device you would choose, saving is not the best criterion, since this is exactly the accessory without which the robot of your device is impossible. Carefully look at all the characteristics of the charging models, and our managers will be happy to advise you in case of additional questions.

Below we will take a closer look at the TOP of the best portable chargers for the iPhone and compare the advantages and disadvantages to them.

For each of the models, we tried to collect as much information as possible so that after studying the rating you can choose the best products for yourself that will quickly and efficiently charge your gadget.


Standard types of wireless chargers

Standard Versions

There are three main categories of wireless chargers that you can choose from: washers, rugs, and stands.


Washers are the most common category of wireless chargers. It is so called because it resembles the flat puck used in hockey. It’s like a round saucer that you put your phone on. The puck itself will rest on a table or any other surface that is comfortable for you. Puck-shaped wireless chargers look very stylish.


Mats are like washers in that they also lie flat with your device resting on top of it. But the rugs are not as stiff as the washers. However, the real difference between the two is surface area. The surface area on power bank charging mat tends to be relatively large so large that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. This is a really cool feature.


The charging stand has the main advantage of keeping the phone upright, but slightly tilted. This allows you to see things like messages and notifications while your phone is charging.

Thanks to the stands, you also get a lot more options. This makes it one of the most versatile forms of wireless charger. For example, there are options that allow you to choose between your phone’s portrait and standard modes. There are also versions that allow you to adjust your phone at multiple angles to give you more flexibility. The best power bank cradles even let you detach the charging puck from the cradle so you can place it on your desk for even more charging versatility.

TOP-5 best wireless chargers for your phone


Power Bank Samsung EP-NG930

1. Samsung EP-NG930
These products will work best with the manufacturer’s products from Galaxy S6 Edge and above. If you turn on the “fast wireless charging” item in the gadget settings, the battery will be fully charged within an hour. The model has a rather attractive appearance; there is a rubber ring along the entire diameter.

This prevents the phone from slipping during operation. The rest of the elements are made of glossy plastic, which must be handled as carefully as possible, as it literally attracts fingerprints, dust and other dirt. There is a rather bright LED indicator on the front, which will inform the user when the charging process has started. When using the fast charge function, it glows blue, if the charge occurs without afterburner, then it glows green. There is a special protrusion on the body that allows you to install the phone both vertically and horizontally.

You can use the gadget while charging, and this will in no way affect the speed of the process, especially since the smartphone is installed at a slight angle. This allows you to watch videos, visit the Internet, and even play. There are ventilation holes on the back, the fan makes no noise at all. The charger delivers 1000 mAh with overall dimensions of 113x87x84 mm and a weight of 167 g.


  • Convenient and practical to use products;
  • Works very effectively;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Charges the gadget quickly;
  • The cooling system operates absolutely silently.


  • Marked body made of glossy plastic; High price.

2. Samsung EP-N6100


Power bank Samsung EPN 6100

The device can be used not only for mobile phones, but also for other devices equipped with a fast charging function smart watches, tablets, and so on. At the same time, you can charge two gadgets at once. Purely visually, the product can be divided into two parts a stand for smartphones and a panel for various other devices thanks to the USB connector. There is a powerful enough built-in fan that will cool not only the device itself, but also the gadget being charged. Despite the presence of two charging stations, these products are characterized by compact dimensions, so even in a small office or study they will not be conspicuous. On the front panel you can find indicators for operation and power level. The body is made of innovative material practical polycarbonate with a matte finish, on which dust and various kinds of pollution will not be noticeable at all. In addition, this material can easily withstand even significant physical exertion scratches and other defects will not form on it.

It is not at all necessary to power the product from a household network: a USB cable is supplied in the kit, which can be connected to a computer or laptop. Like the previous model, it has a wireless charging function. The overall dimensions of the product are 296 grams with dimensions of 99x253x130 mm, which allows you to easily can take my exercises with you even on long journeys. It gives out about 1000 mAh this will be enough for most phones.


  • Looks very interesting;
  • Very convenient to use;
  • Excellent quality materials and workmanship;
  • If necessary, you can take with you on trips.


  • High cost and, as noted by users, not a high rate of battery

3. Mophie Wireless Charging Base


Mophie Wireless Charging Base

The latest generation charger was developed by a fairly well-known American brand, moreover, it was originally created to be compatible with the products of another widespread Apple company. However, this model has excellent contact with gadgets from other manufacturers. The product turned out to be quite powerful, but at the same time it is characterized by compact overall dimensions: the height of the product is less than one and a half centimeters with a diameter of 9.7 cm, which in total gives a mass of only 124 g. Due to these parameters, such charging will be to the liking of people who spend a long time on the road and business trips. The wireless battery charging station has a housing made exclusively of non-slip material TPU, which is also characterized by a high level of durability.

The phone will lie firmly on the charging surface, even with strong vibrations, for example, from a received message or from a phone call, it will not slide off it. The design is done in a minimalistic spirit. No sharp corners and protruding elements are provided here. The absence of unnecessary parts well protects products from chips, scratches and other damages that often occur during operation.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Protects the phone connector;
  • Charges fairly quickly even fairly capacious batteries.


  • Too bright indication it is not recommended to put the phone on charging in the bedroom at night;
  • It is not convenient to use the device itself.

4. Rombica NEO Q5


Rombica NEO Q5

Designed to work with absolutely any mobile devices that are equipped with support for the Qi standard. The maximum current strength here reaches 1000 mAh, so the process of charging the battery will take no more time than when the smartphone is connected to an ordinary charger. The model does not have to be powered from the mains, there is a cable with a USB connector to connect to a computer, so you can always take these products with you and charge your phone directly from a laptop during a trip. The upper part of the case is a panel made of high quality wood. It can easily withstand even fairly high temperatures, so it can be used as a coaster for a mug with hot tea or coffee. In general, this solution gives the products additional style and attractiveness.

The model is made from high quality materials, so it perfectly resists abrasion and other physical influences. It should be noted that this is one of the lightest wireless chargers in our entire review its weight is only 48 grams with dimensions of 92x92x9 mm, so the device can be easily taken with you on long trips. Despite the fact that this is a Chinese-made product, it is characterized by a fairly high quality of workmanship, moreover, it does not need additional maintenance during operation.


  • Original appearance;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • The front side perfectly withstands even significant temperatures;
  • Reasonable cost.


  • Some users indicate as a disadvantage that this device was released in China;
  • The mute inhibits the subsequent work.

5. Okirobo power bank for IPhone

power bank for iphone

Okirobo power bank for IPhone

We are ready to present you the leader of the final part of our ranking of the best wireless chargers. This model is marketed in two colors black and light. The stand has four rubberized feet that prevent the device from sliding on the surface. There is a sticker on it with the information necessary for the user this includes the operating parameters related to voltage and current. The elements are connected to each other with screws, which only increases the reliability of this product. This device has two contours, so the smartphone can be positioned both vertically and horizontally in any case, the device will hold as securely as possible.

These products are powered either through the most ordinary USB adapter, or simply connected to a computer or laptop. The model operates on the basis of two induction coils at once, due to which the battery charging speed increases significantly. There is the possibility of using wireless charging, the maximum current reaches 2000 mAh with an output power of 10 W, which is allows you to charge even smartphones in cases. On average, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. During operation, neither the smartphone itself nor the charger will practically heat up.


  • Very comfortable to use this device;
  • The connector for the cable remains functional;
  • There is no need to regularly look for a charger for the phone;
  • It is easy enough to use the products;
  • Assembled with screws, which gives the structure additional strength.
  • Not all smartphones support this technology, but this problem can be easily solved by purchasing a special adapter. And this device already comes with this adapter as a gift. Therefore, there are no drawbacks here.
  • Acceptable price.

Disadvantages: as users note, for such a price + adapter as a gift – there are simply no disadvantages!

How wireless charging works
Silver Power Bank for iPhone

Silver Power Bank for iPhone

The concept of wireless charging has been around since the days of inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla, who concluded that it was possible to transfer energy between two objects through an electromagnetic field. Using this idea, modern engineers have developed a wireless charger that transfers energy using electromagnetic induction.

The charger uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field. A take-up coil in the telephone converts the field back into electricity. When current passes through the coiled wire, it creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet. This field can be used to transfer voltage or charge to something nearby.

In order for the system to work, the smartphone and wireless charging must be located close to each other in the correct position, although usually it is not necessary to adhere to a strictly specified orientation.

Which phones support wireless charging

Despite the long history of developing wireless chargers, not all modern smartphones support this feature. To avoid a mistake, before buying a device, you should study all the options for compatibility with your gadget. Otherwise, the smartphone will not charge or it will charge too slowly.

If the smartphone does not support the wireless charging function, there is a dedicated Qi (Qi – Wireless Electromagnetic Energy) receiver. It connects to the phone via the USB connector and hides either under the cover of the smartphone or in a case. Qi is very light, small and thin, and the receiver cable is flexible enough that the placement of the smartphone connectors does not matter. With the help of such an adapter, the device will be able to receive energy from any wireless charger.

It is possible to speed up the process of charging a smartphone “over the air”, but there are several serious limitations. First, more powerful chargers will adversely affect human health. Electromagnetic radiation can harm not only the owner, but also the gadget. Secondly, powerful charging requires the installation of bulky transformers, which makes the device less mobile.

Existing devices with accelerated charging “over the air” are not supported by all smartphones, and not every manufacturer runs the risk of producing such highly specialized devices. However, using fast charging protocols, the speed of recharging the battery is comparable to charging a smartphone from a wall outlet.


Only certified power banks are safe

The main criteria for choosing wireless charging

Moisture protection. The ingress of solid particles and liquids into any electronic system can damage the gadget. Long-term charging requires manufacturers to create high-IP enclosures. At the moment, not all manufacturers are releasing wireless chargers with this function, as this critically affects the price of the device.

Charging cradle area. The working area of ​​the stand depends on the design and intention of the company’s engineers, since each manufacturer designs the stand differently, taking into account the needs of the users. The larger the charging area, the more devices you can charge at the same time using the device.

Supports fast charging. Most modern wireless chargers have low output currents and voltages. At the same time, the power of standard charging is 5-10 watts, and high-speed charging is up to 20 watts. Wireless stands, in turn, have a low efficiency compared to wired charging. The difference is almost 20%.

Security features

The best wireless chargers are safe. Most smartphone chargers from reliable brands have built-in protections such as overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and overheating protection. Wireless chargers should have the same. Be sure to choose a wireless charger that’s safe to use and won’t damage your phone. A good wireless charger for an iPhone should also charge the phone through the case. The best of them will be able to charge through cases up to 5mm thick.

Qi standard

Be sure to check for the Qi standard of your wireless charger. Qi is a wireless technology that charges your smartphone, and Qi-certified devices operate within a specific range, typically 5 to 15 watts. Most smartphones charge from 5W or 7.5W, but smartphones with fast charging support can charge from 10W or 15W. Please familiarize yourself with the Qi capabilities of the charger before purchasing. If you need fast charging, be sure to find one that lasts up to 10 or 15 watts.

It’s time to put the long tangled wires in the past! This is the era of wireless technologies, which means that advanced wireless charging is needed. It is enough to put the phone on a special panel, after which charging will start automatically, and no unnecessary actions. A wireless charger, if you take a balanced approach to its choice, will serve you without any problems for a long time and will delight you with ease of use, reliability and safety.

We propose to touch the future today, without postponing innovations until tomorrow. Hurry up to buy a wireless charger right now and make your life much easier!

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