Sensational iPhone 12 Charging Case


What Power Bank for iPhone has Invented in Silicon Valley?

Over the past few days, the Internet has been filled with loud news about Apple company. It’s possible that charging cases for iPhone 12 will be able soon. In the iOS 14.5 code, we found a hint for new iPhone portable charger developments. And also, there was information about the innovational patent. Let’s find out what is going on!



A veil of rumors and guesses often arises around the Apple company. After each new version of the iPhone, Apple fans try to guess what awaits them in the next smartphone model. This applies to almost all Apple technology, including chargers and cases.

Disruptive iPhone Charger Case Technologies

MagSafe power bank for iPhone surprised lots of people. The next level of charging technologies is a portable charging case for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It will be a super-powerful portable battery that could charge your new smartphone anywhere at any time. It’s convenient because of technology without power cables. Everybody wants to forget about charging problems, especially when it’s cold outside. All of us know that Apple smartphones are weak in cold conditions so that cases will be rescue. 



More recently, the smart devices industry introduced the MagSafe iPhone power bank case to the world. The Apple team used the innovation in old MacBooks and began to apply the best power bank for iPhone on the new iPhone 12. Wireless charging magnetically attaches to the phone case and charges the device. All evidence suggests that Apple also plans to replace a charging plug on the new iPhone versions.

Innovative Patent from Apple: It’s Just Shocking

Apple filed documents to register a patent for a new device. Therefore, the US Patent Office published this application in the public domain. However, it did not identify its author. The next generation disruptive innovation is the MagSafe technology charger. The standard Lightning connectors are likely to be replaced on newer iPhone versions.



The design will act like a magnet that will hold the charging cable in the socket. This information could not refute a reliable insider – Apple analyst Jon Prosser. He also announced that there might be two versions of the famous iPhone power bank MagSafe case. Also, analyst Mi-Chi Kou provided data that the company will not manufacture iPhones 13 with the new connector technology. Do not forget about the previous rumors that Lightning was going to change on USB-C.

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