Best portable phone charger Amazon ever proposed.

best portable phone charger Amazon

The Okirobo Wireless Portable Phone Charger on Amazon is up there as one of the fastest charging powerbanks in the USA. Upon buying an Okirobo power bank, you receive:

  • A rapid 22.5W charging port for any Apple or Android device;
  • A rapid 15W wireless charging pad (0% – 50% in just 30 minutes);
  • A super-fast wall charger for your rechargeable power bank and two charging cables;

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

fast battery phone charger Amazon okirobo

Buy an Okirobo Power Bank Charger, Receive One Fast Wall Charger and Two Cables!

You’re about to buy the fastest wireless, portable phone charger on Amazon, with rapid 15W wireless charging and mind-boggling 22.5W cable charging. What’s more, we’ll put a USB-A to USB-C cable and a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box, absolutely free!

On top of that, next to your brand new Okirobo phone bank charger, you’ll find a rapid 18W wall charger that can be used with other devices, including iPhone and Android!

Yep! You can use all the cables and the wall charger from the box to charge any Apple or Android device!


Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

The Fastest Portable Phone Charger on Amazon, with Super-Fast Recharging!

The Okirobo wireless power bank is easily one of the fastest portable chargers on the American market. Our beautiful, functional Okirobo Multibank can be recharged from 0% to 90% in less than three hours, and the full recharge time of the Okirobo wireless portable charger is just three and a half hours! The super-fast 14W wall charger is easy, functional, and quick when recharging your rechargeable power bank.

The super-fast secret is all in our brand-new Qualcomm chipset. An innovation in rechargeable batteries, it has revolutionized the way we charge our devices!

OKIROBO TOP TIP: If you’ve not got much time on your hands, just charge your Okirobo Multibank 4 to 90%. When the power bank charges the past 90%, the charging speed decreases. This prolongs the battery life for your battery pack and means you’ll be able to use it for longer.

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

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6 Reasons to Treat Yourself to an Okirobo Wireless Portable Phone Charger from Amazon.

  • fast charging power bank

    This power bank phone charger has got the fastest cable charging you’ll ever see. Our shiny, new Qualcomm 4 Chip gives your device 22.5W of raw power. Portable wireless charger for iPhone; portable charger for Android – whatever you need, Okirobo can do!

  • fast recharging power bank

    With a powerful 18W USB-C charger, the Okirobo Wireless Portable Charger recharges to 100% in less than four hours. You can use the charger in the box, or your standard Macbook charger to charge the powerbank right back up.

  • portable charger iphone

    Convenient, futuristic, and super-fast wireless charging is provided via a soft touch, non-slip cover that helps prevent your precious phone from scratching. It is very convenient to touch your new Okirobo battery pack. You will love it.

  • 15 w wireless charging

    Super-fast, 15W wireless charging for any device that supports it. Your iPhone or Android wireless charging device can get 50% of juice in just 30 minutes! Okirobo portable phone charger Amazon best power bank for your Apple iPhone or Android.

  • best power bank for iphone or android

    The Okirobo Wireless, Portable Charger is the perfect powerbank for any iPhone or Android device. It’s even able to charge Macbook models manufactured from 2016 and beyond!  A dreamy portable wireless charger for iPhone and Android and portable charger for Macbook Android, and iPhone. What’s not to love?

  • best power bank for iphone se 2

    Apple iPhone SE 2 is a very popular phone, but it has a small battery. You may easily solve this issue if you buy Okirobo Multibank 4.0 power bank which is the best portable phone charger Amazon can offer. In the box you will receive 2 cables, one 18W charger that you can use also for your Apple iPhone SE2.

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

fastest portable charger

The Fastest Wireless Charging, up to 15W!

The slick, wireless charging pad on our beautiful Okirobo Portable Battery Bank supports the fastest wireless charging possible, up to a massive 15W! This means that you can charge your Apple or Android device to half-full in just 30 minutes! This isn’t just one of the fastest portable power banks on Amazon; it’s one of the fastest portable power banks in the world!

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

portable charging pad for iphone

Use Your Okirobo Power Bank as a Super-Fast Charging Pad

You can even charge your Okirobo Wireless Power Bank using a wall charger, whilst simultaneously charging up to three devices. When you need to charge your Okirobo Portable Charger and any three devices, it’s not a problem. The powerful Okirobo Power Bank from Amazon has got you covered.

All you need to do is…

  1. Plug your Okirobo Wireless Power Bank into the wall with the wall charger provided;
  2. Place a phone; iPhone, Android, or whichever other device you’ve got which supports wireless charging, on top of the wireless charging logo on the the Okirobo Power Bank;
  3. Connect a USB-A cable with your device (iPhone, Android, or whichever else);
  4. Connect a USB-C cable with another device (iPhone, Android, or whatever else);
  5. Sit back, relax, and wait for your super-fast power bank phone charger to do all the hard work for you!

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

Okirobo Portable Charger FAQs

How many times can I charge my phone without having to recharge the power bank itself?

The Okirobo Wireless Power Bank holds a stunning 10000mAh capacity and is tried and tested to give you the best charging experience, several times in one, single battery bank charge. Your gadget’s battery capacity is the only thing that influences the number of times you can charge with your Okirobo Battery Pack. Besides, recharging your Okirobo Power Bank is easy with the super-fast wall charger that comes in the box of your new Okirobo Portable Power Bank. You can even recharge the powerbank using a standard MacBook USB-C charger in a little less than four hours.

Can I charge my Apple Series 4 Watch with the Okirobo Portable Charger?

Yes, but you’ll need to use a special adapter to charge your Apple Series 4 Watch with the Okirobo Wireless Power Bank. There’s no need to buy another iPhone Wireless Power Bank, because your Okirobo Power Bank from Amazon does it for you! Unfortunately, the adapter is sold separately.


Can I charge my iPhone XR using the Okirobo Wireless Power Bank?

Yes. Okirobo Portable Battery Charger can, of course, charge your iPhone XR, and is in fact the best, most reliable portable wireless charger for iPhone that’s on the market today. You can either use a USB-A cable on the Okirobo Portable Charger, or you can use the Okirobo as a wireless portable charger for iPhone XR.

Is the Okirobo Power Bank Phone Charger compatible with my new Samsung Galaxy S10e?

The Okirobo Wireless Power Bank can charge most smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple iPhone 7, 8, SE 2, iPhone XS, XR, as well as any Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and Sony devices. Heck, it’s even a portable laptop charger for supported laptop models.You can charge up to three devices at the same time, or charge the same device three or four times using one Okirobo Power Bank charge! Okirobo Portable Power Bank is equipped with the latest Qualcomm 4 Chip Technology, and you’ll struggle to find a better portable phone charger on Amazon to charge your new Samsung Galaxy S10e!

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