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How to Extend the Phone Battery Life of Your iPhone?

Okirobo fast charger team 29.08.2019

Why Phone Battery Life is important?

If you are a heavy iPhone user, then the phone battery life of your iPhone will definitely be a thing of concern to you. One thing about heavy users is that their eyes are constantly going to the battery icon to see what the meter reads each time. A heavy iPhone user will often worry as they see their battery drop down until it changes to red.

It feels worse when you are out without your charger, or you can’t even find where to plug. Or maybe you forgot to carry along your power bank.

phone battery life

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While you can wish iPhones had a larger battery capacity, the other option you have is to maximize your phone battery life and make it last longer. That’s what we will discuss.

First, what are the common battery killers?

As long as your iPhone is on, it needs the battery to run it and keep it on standby. But there are certain things that consume a larger portion of battery power, and so they run the battery down faster. Identifying them will help you take charge of your battery life.

#1 Screen brightness

screen brightness

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Your iPhone screen brightness and the backlight are part of the major culprits. The higher your screen brightness, the more battery power gets consumed each time your display comes on, and this includes as often as those notifications that cause the display to come on. This is very bad for your phone battery life.

The way out is to dim your brightness. You can adjust it any time to match the environment you are in. You can keep it low when indoors and that would save a good deal of your battery. Just ensure you’re still able to read the screen of your phone.

Another option is to set auto-brightness, which means your phone will adjust the brightness based on its environment.

#2 Background app activities

Some apps keep running in the background even though you are not actively using them. They usually refresh periodically in the background to get updates, and they sneakily consume your battery without your knowledge, since they may not be open.

running applications

Running applications kill your battery.

To take care of this, you would have to decide if it is necessary to have some of these apps fetching updates in the background or only refresh whenever you open them. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and you will be able to stop any app from carrying out background updates.

#3 Location services

Ideally, you should have your iPhone’s location services turned on all the time. Many apps are built to use this feature to improve your experience based on wherever you are at each time. But then, if you have to worry about your battery, you would have to forgo some ideal things and do what’s needful, because the location feature is a battery drainer.

maps services

Turn off your map services.

Go to Settings Privacy Location Services to turn off this feature completely for all apps that use it. Alternatively, you can choose to allow apps to track your location only while using them.

#4 Notifications

Whenever your phone screen comes on, more battery is consumed unlike when it is on standby. So, the more notifications you get on a locked screen, the more times your screen is lit up so you can see the new notification. That means more battery gets used for this.

notificatons phone battery life

Turn off your notifications.

You can disable some app notifications or stop an app from showing notifications when the screen is locked. Go to Settings > Notifications, locate the apps, and change the setting accordingly.

#5 Poor network coverage

Each time you are in a place where the cellular network is poor, your phone automatically keeps searching for a stronger network signal. This activity requires some deal of battery power; and the longer the phone keeps doing this, the more battery gets consumed.

poor network

Poor connection kills your phone battery.

Well, since the network signal is poor and you are concerned about your battery, you might just want to switch the phone to airplane mode until when you step out of the area or when you really need to get even the slightest of signals.

A simpler alternative to save your battery

So far, we have looked at different things that drain your battery, and you would have to adjust some settings on your iPhone to stop them each time. But there’s a simpler alternative that would take care of most battery drainers by itself. It’s “Low Power Mode.” Save your phone battery life.

This mode comes on automatically once your iPhone drops down to 20 percent. It is designed to reduce your phone’s performance by cutting down on some things in order to reduce battery consumption. So the trick is to turn on the Low Power Mode manually any time you need your battery to last longer.

Go to Settings > Battery to turn it on.

Useful tip – buy power bank!

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While these methods work to let your iPhone battery last longer for you, to be on a safer side, you should always have a portable charger with you. Okirobo charger is the best for iPhones. It will easily refill your battery faster so you won’t worry about it running down. It is portable and easy to carry along. Buy Okirobo power bank on Amazon!

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