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5 Important Tips for Proper using of iPhone power bank or best portable wireless charger


How to use the iPhone power bank or portable charger?


Do you remember the days when you could easily replace your phone’s battery? It was as simple as flipping off the back cover and putting in a new battery. Now your iPhone power bank must be always with you. How to use and what is the best portable charger for iPhone?


These days things are a bit more difficult. Most phones don’t provide easy access to the battery, so it’s more costly and difficult to replace the battery. It’s certainly a lot cheaper to take care of your phone’s battery. The main way of taking care of your phone’s battery is by adopting healthy charging habits.

iphone power bank battery

New iPhone battery need a power bank charger.

But how do you properly charge your phone’s battery? More importantly, how can you use an Android or iPhone power bank battery to properly charge your phone. Let’s look at how an Android or iPhone power bank can help you.


Don’t Charge Your Phone to 100%


When your phone’s battery is closer to empty, it runs at a lower voltage. When you charge it, the voltage increases and levels off at about 70%. Thus, keeping your phone almost fully charged at all times, makes it run at high voltage constantly. Running at high voltage reduces your battery’s lifespan.

iPhone power bank 100% fully charged

Do not charge your iPhone to 100%, use best portable wireless charger.

For this reason, you should favor partial charges over full charges.  Here your Android or iPhone power bank battery can help you. When your phone battery is almost empty, you can up the charge a bit with your power bank. In this way, your phone never reaches full charge and runs at a lower voltage, increasing its battery life.


Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight


This is something we all do and it’s a bad habit. When you charge your phone overnight, it reaches 100% charge and trickles charges the rest of the time. This trickle charging can cause plating of the metallic lithium which causes stability issues and malfunctions eventually. Continuous trickle charging also increases the voltage which reduces battery life.

iPhone charging overnight

Better not charge your iPhone SE overnight.

But it’s so convenient to wake up to a fully charged phone. Yes, it is. But having your power bank battery with you makes this unnecessary. Once your phone is almost empty, you just plug it into your power bank and you’re ready to go.


Keep It in the 30% to 80% Range


Your phone’s battery only has a certain amount of full charge cycles available. This means you can charge your phone from 0% to 100% a limited amount of times.


If you keep your phone’s battery between 30% and 80%, you only use 50% of its capacity every time. This can double the life of your battery. Besides, by keeping your battery charged under 80%, you reduce the chances of higher voltage damaging your battery.

new iPhone charging level

Keep you new iPhone between 30% to 80%.

Your Android or iPhone power bank is perfect for this. When your phone’s charge reaches 30%, you plug it into your best portable charger for iPhone, and you unplug it when it reaches 80%. This keeps your phone’s optimal range at all times.


Reduce Heat


Heat is your battery’s enemy. Elevated temperatures reduce battery capacity compared to lower temperatures. Keeping your phone charged at 100% and charging overnight not only increases higher voltage but also higher temperatures. So, these ways of charging are bad for your phone’s battery.

reduce heet of your new iPhone

Your new iPhone battery must be in cool conditions.

By using your wireless portable charger battery to partially charge your phone’s battery and keeping it in the optimal range, you will protect your phone’s battery and extend its life.


Don’t Fast Charge


Fast charging causes high voltages and high temperatures when charging your phone. Fast charging was never meant for full-cycle charges. Instead, it’s meant for charging your phone in short bursts. Leaving your phone charging on a fast charger for too long can therefore damage your battery and reduce its capacity.

fast charging phone

It is better not to charge your phone fast.

Luckily, your best portable charger for iPhone doesn’t use these high voltages to charge your phone’s battery. So, instead of using a smart charger to top up your battery, keep your power bank with you and use it when necessary.


There you have it. 5 tips you can use to charge your phone with your power bank. By using these tips, you protect your phone’s battery and extend its life.

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