Apple iPhone 12 Pro First edition Caviar

The Most Expensive iPhone 12 Pro; Wooden, Black & White Screened First Edition, has just Been Released

Okirobo fast charger team 01.10.2020

Introducing the brand new Apple iPhone 12 Pro in First Edition!


Caviar is famous for releasing exclusive Apple and Samsung smartphone cases, with very precious metals, titanium, and fancy leather at the core of their design. This year, they have released the Apple iPhone 12 Pro in First Edition with a design reminiscent of the Apple 1 Computer.


Released in 1976, the Apple 1 Computer was made with wooden casing and an Apple logo that is completely unrecognizable from the one we know and love today.

caviar Apple iPhone 12 Pro first edition

iPhone 12 Pro by Caviar.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro First Edition uses all-natural wood and motherboard fragments from the original Apple 1 Computer. This is no mean feat, seeing as though Apple originally released just 200 of these computers. The infamous phrase ‘Hello World’ is etched into the back panel. Get them whilst they’re hot because Caviar plans to release just nine copies of this phone. The number nine is a throwback to the serial number of the original Apple Computer. 

Where to buy Caviar iPhone First Edition?

The device is already available for purchase in Russia, with the price tag set at 499,000 rubles (6,337USD). If that’s out of your price range, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro First Edition Light is available for just 349,000 rubles (4,432USD). Similarly, this model’s body is also made of all-natural wood. The difference is that the exclusive elements on the rear panel have been replaced with a tiny fragment of the motherboard.

iPhone 12 Pro First Edition by Caviar

The most expensive Apple iPhone 12 Pro First Edition by Caviar.


What is going on with the original iPhones by Apple company?

Back to Apple, and sources claim that they have decided to make the iPhone 12 Pro Max the only fully-fledged flagship model of the new line. It is rumored to be vastly different from the existing models. We might have to wait a while though, seeing as though Chinese markets are still going crazy for the iPhone 11. The popularity of the latest iPhone proves that Apple is still king of the smartphones.


Either way, we can be sure about one thing. The new iPhone is going to be jam-packed with features and hardware such as 5G, 120Hz screen, and everything else. It sounds great, but unfortunately for iPhone fans, lithium battery technology hasn’t been able to keep up with Apple’s technological updates. In short, the battery life sucks. 

How to solve future iPhone problems?

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