How To Choose power bank Backup Battery Pack

How to choose power bank or backup battery pack? Tips and secrets.


How To Choose Power Bank or Backup Battery Pack For Your Smartphone At The End Of 2020?

To choose power bank or backup battery pack sometimes very important in our modern world. Why? Because your portable charger can save you time, money, and sometimes even life!

How to choose power bank or portable charger read in this article.

Are you after a five-star power bank that can charge your valuable phone? Worry no more!

If you’re a regular user of a smartphone, there is a probability that you clearly understand the critical reason for carrying a portable battery-powered charger. But given the several power banks available in the current market, you might find it very challenging to select the best option that suits your needs. So, how can you select a fiver star backup battery pack for your device at the end of 2020? Look no further!

how to choose power bank in USA

How to choose best portable charger for iPhone or Pixel?

Technology has been recording rapid development for the past few years. Nowadays, we can easily access the organizer, academic, creative apps, entertainment, social media, and much more. As a result, this explains why we always roam around with our smartphones wherever we go. However, it remains clear that this rapid development of technology has not solved the issue of battery life.  It’s in this case where portable chargers come in.

This post is a must-read if you’re looking for tips on selecting the best battery-powered charger for your valuable device at the end of 2020.

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What Is A Fuel Bank?

A pocket power cell features a cell with a circuit that manages energy flow. With a backup charging device, you’ll receive the appropriate method of storing the electrical form of energy that will later help you in charging up that valuable smartphone you own. As a result, by keeping a battery-powered phone charger close by, you’ll quickly top-up your costly phone when in a place that doesn’t have a power outlet.

With a battery-operated pack, you’ll get an easy way of charging an MP3 player, GoPro, a portable speaker, a smartphone, a camera, and even a tablet. Generally, a battery-powered phone charger is capable of topping up all the gadgets that you can top up at your home using USB. But, the battery-operated phone charger also needs to be recharged for it to perform this function.

fast power bank iphone

Fast power bank for iPhone.

Battery-powered phone chargers come in different categories. A universal power bank falls under the category of these portable phone chargers. These battery packs come in several designs and sizes, all of which can be made to suit the amount you plan to spend and the requirements of your valuable device.

Solar-charged packs are other examples of portable phone chargers. These battery-operated phone chargers feature photovoltaic panels, mostly known for trickle-charging their internal battery whenever left in sunlight. Note that solar charging is a bit slow, but you also enhance it by using cables.

The last battery-operated phone charger features the older mobile phone case of battery. Yes, these pocket power cells are fantastic, but they’re not stocked by Cable Chick because of their narrow gadget compatibility.

How Do Battery Banks Work?

A battery-operated phone charger enhances the deposition of the electrical form of energy into it, which is to be used later when the need arises. They feature a circuit that controls the power flow into your valuable smartphone. This circuit plays a crucial role in ensuring that your device receives the necessary power and stops when that costly gadget is 100% charged. Through this, the circuit protects the mobile phone from overcharging or cases associated with short-circuit.

power bank inside

How does power bank looks inside?

Sometimes capacity of the power bank is much lower than written on it. Some Chinese manufacturers put glue or other materials in it to make it heavy. Be careful! Choose the right power bank!

Usually, power banks can be with the following capacity:

  • 10000 mah, most common capacity, enough to charge your phone 2-3 times;
  • 20000 mah. Such portable chargers bulky and heavy, but you may charger your phone 4-6 times;
  • 5000 mah – small power bank. You may keep it in your pocket or purse. This portable charger will charge your phone 1-1.5 times.

If the capacity of the power bank that you would like to buy is not as above, be careful. Maybe it is fake.

What Can Backup Charging Devices Charge?

Many battery-operated phone chargers can charge gadgets like mobile phones several times. The majority of the battery-powered chargers can top up several gadgets concurrently. For example, these pocket power cells can top up two smartphones at the same time.

Backup charging devices can top up several tablets and gadgets like a compact camera, and a portable speaker. For the battery-powered phone chargers supporting USB type-C, they’re capable of topping up the ‘Nintendo Switch’ and many more gaming gadgets.

Some battery banks feature enough grunt that allows them to charge laptops. However, it’s good to choose this option only if you can’t access or get a PowerPoint or the charger of your laptop. These battery-operated phone chargers are not the perfect substitutes for the normal external power supplies.

How to choose Backup Battery Pack For Your Phone such as Apple iPhone SE2 or Google Pixel 4a?

A pocket power cell is a portable form of battery that you can easily top up with the help of a wall outlet and then load your valuable phone using it when the need arises. Depending on the backup charging device capacity, it can load your costly tablet once or several times.  However, battery-operated packs come in several brands and types, meaning choosing the best model can be very challenging.

google pixel 4a iphone se 2

How to choose power bank for Pixel 4a or iPhone SE 2?

For example, the battery capacity of Apple iPhone SE 2 2020 is 1821 mah.

The battery capacity of Google Pixel phone 4a is 3140 mah.

Also, Apple iPhone SE 2 2020 supports wireless charging. Google Pixel phone 4a does not. So, when you will choose a power bank or portable charger for your device, take a wireless power bank for Apple iPhone 2 2020. As for Google Pixel 4a, you also may buy a wireless power bank, because you may use it for cable charging and share with your friends who have wireless-enabled devices.

In this part, you’ll get pivotal points that will help you in choosing the best battery-powered phone charger for your valuable mobile device. Let’s find out!

Features To Note Before Choosing A Battery-Operated Phone Charger


The gadget you want to top up and the number of occasions you plan to load it are two crucial things to take note of in this case. For instance, tablets demand more power compared to smartphones. Other than this, note that topping up a single gadget several times or multiple charging requires a battery with a high-capacity.

Checking the cell capacity of your valuable device is the correct place to start in this case. Note that cell capacity is expressed in the units of mAh ( milliamp hours). The cell capacity for most android smartphones read anywhere between 2000mAh and 3000mAh.

In this case, the best backup battery pack needs to exceed this span of 2000 to 3000mAh. With this battery-powered pack, you’ll be assured to get at least one 100% charge from it.  The Okirobo battery-operated phone charger, for instance, is a fantastic option for this case because it reads 10000 mAh.

what is mah of power bank

What is mAh of your portable charger bank?


What is mAh of your power bank?

Usually, manufacturers of the batteries write the capacity of the power bank in mAh (milliampere-hour). What is mAh (milliampere-hour)? You simply need to multiply Watts-Hours (ability to receive and store electricity by the battery cells in a certain period of time) and Amperes (power of the current). So, how to choose power bank or portable charger?

Choosing a larger battery-powered phone charger is the correct path to follow if you’re a lazy individual or someone who likes convenience. With this battery-powered phone charger, you’ll receive a more substantial amount of charges before you recharge it. However, it’s requisite to note that you may face restrictions with your larger battery-powered phone charger, especially when flying. Therefore, it is indispensable to get informed on the limitations first if you’re planning to take flight.

In general, you need to ensure that the battery-powered phone charger’s power output is equal or higher compared to the cell rating of that costly mobile phone. The fuel bank can drain the cell of your valuable device if this rule is not observed. Yes, a wrong pocket power cell is capable of draining the cell of your costly gadget instead of topping up it.

Several electronic gadgets loaded by the help of a universal serial bus cable require the topping up source to feature an output rating of 5V. But, how can you determine the DC-input rating of an electronic device? Worry no more!

fast power bank iphone

Fast power bank for iPhone.

First, you can make this possible by looking at the technical specifications highlighted in the gadget’s manual. Also, you can make this possible by checking the voltage rating written ‘DC Output’ on your wall outlet topping up the system. In some cases, you’ll find this wall outlet charger in the box of your electronic gadget.

Next, confirm that your pocket power cell is capable of delivering at least an equal quantity of power. Other than this, note that pocket power cells are not 100% electricity efficient. The discharge rate, temperature, and voltage fluctuations have an impact on the actual juice that your device gets from a fuel bank. Therefore, a fuel bank reading 2000milliAmps may not recharge a device battery reading 1000milliAmps twice.

However, having knowledge about the cell capacity of your costly device helps a lot in approximating the number recharges you can expect from a particular pocket power cell.  Note that pocket power cells only offer a supplement and not a guarantee. As a result, don’t make an assumption that battery chargers can top up your gadget’s cell up to 100%.

Fast Charging

Quick charging is another distinctive element to take note of when selecting the right fuel bank for your gadget. Through this, you’ll stand in a better position of finding out how fast the pocket power cell will top up your gadget.

fast charging power bank

fast portable charger

The cell output is a parameter that’s measured using amperage units and voltage units. In this case, amperage/current refers to the power that flows from the cell to your valuable device. For the case of voltage, it means potential energy. You get wattage multiplying amps with volts. In this case, wattage means total power.

Most manufacturers make a gadget top up faster by changing the voltage and increasing the amperage, which is one way of boosting the wattage. Other than this, several cases of quick charging demand increasing or changing the voltage dynamically.

Quick Charge technology and Power Delivery technology are the most popular charging standards featured with several fuel banks. For Power Delivery, it falls in the category of latest protocols, whereby two supported gadgets negotiate on the readily available quick charging choice, up to 20volts/5ampheres. This quick-charging tech enhances the flow of energy in two ways.

Quick Charge plays a critical role in increasing voltage and not amperage. With this type of quick-charging standard, you can top up the supported phone up to 50% within 30 minutes. The Okirobo fuel bank is one of the pocket power cells that apply this quick-charging standard. 


Besides the cell size, don’t also forget to check the physical size when purchasing a pocket power cell. 

compact power bank for iPhone

Power bank 10000 mah

Are you an individual who likes traveling hand-in-hand with a man-bag or making some rounds with bulging pockets? How big is your handbag? Does it feature a space for a chihuahua, or it holds only your essentials? 

Typically, a smaller pocket power cell has a smaller cell capacity. As a result, this explains why the latest pocket power cells feature big cells. The exciting thing with these pocket power cells is that they can fit well into a small device. 


The battery bank weight plays a critical role when determining if the gadget is portable or not. The best fuel bank is the one that can quickly fit well in the pocket or your backpack and can’t weigh you down while moving. 

However, battery bank weight is vital for some individuals than others. For instance, a 5,000 milliAmps pocket power cell may not be the perfect option for you if you’re going on a six-day backpacking trip in an area that doesn’t have electricity. Here, consider buying a more massive and portable pocket power cell that can work throughout the six-day backpacking trip. However, this backup charging device doesn’t need to weigh more than two pounds to meet your requirements. 


Pocket power cells are not made equally. These gadgets vary from one another because of the technology inside them, their cell capacity, and weight. Many fuel banks apply the normal USB charging method, but some of the modern ones make use of Power Delivery tech, USB-C tech, Quick Charge tech, and much more. The Okirobo backup charging device is an excellent example of the pocket power cells that make use of the Quick Charge tech. 

Therefore, it’s vital to research if you want a backup charging device featuring a particular technology. Also, it’s crucial to confirm that the technology of that pocket power cell suits your needs. If your valuable phone and the pocket power cell enhances the Qualcomm Rapid Charge, then you stand at a better position of topping up your gadget faster compared to the normal output power required by the phone. 


The charging ports are other crucial elements to take note of whenever choosing a pocket power cell. It’s critical to buy a backup charging device having several topping up ports if you plan to use the gadget with other people or family members.

power pack

Battery pack 10000mah.

However, note that it’s only a few pocket power cells that offer similar ports. In this case, use this pocket power cell with individuals who have different smartphones. 


For output, consider checking the output amps and the topping up ports. Purchasing a single output pocket power cell is the right option if you’ll use it with one device. However, a multiple output pocket power cell is the best if you plan to load your valuable gadgets. In other cases, you may consider it reasonable to go for a multiple output charger even in a state where you require a single output fuel bank. 

For the multiple output pocket power cells, they have different power or a similar quantity of energy per port, and one output can give 2.1 amps as the other one delivers 1 amp. In the case of other backup battery packs, each of the multiple outputs can provide 3. 4 amps. It’s always vital to take note of the power offered by each port. 

fast power bank iphone

Fast power bank for iPhone.


Here, input plays a critical role if you’re after a pocket power cell that can recharge quickly. This factor may not have a significant impact on your backup charging device if you always top up it during the night. 

Many fuel banks feature a 1-amp input. However, the best backup battery packs feature a 2-amp input. With the 2-amp input, it’s capable of recharging your pocket power cell twice as fast. But it’s always vital to confirm that the measurements of the input match that one featured by the wall charger. 


Always protect yourself and that costly phone when topping up it or handling cells. Therefore, it’s crucial to purchase a pocket power cell that has passed through the safety test. The best fuel bank must be efficient and durable enough and include the over-discharge protection feature, over-voltage protection feature, and over-current protection feature. These protection features are critical for your safety and that of your gadget. 

Don’t purchase a pocket power cell that has not undergone in-depth testing. If you misuse this backup charging device, it can result in an injury or destroy your valuable device. As a result, opt for a backup charging device that’s safe and performs its function.

Mode Of Charging

Pass-through type of charging and wireless mode of topping up are other critical aspects to focus on when selecting a pocket power cell for your gadget. Pass-through mode of charging facilitates the topping up of gadgets connected to a cell. Here, the cell of that valuable device is also loaded. Therefore, this feature is critical if your costly smartphone and pocket power cell are running low on power. 

In the case of a  wireless type of charging, it enhances the topping up of compatible phones without using a cable. Here, you only need to put that compatible gadget on the upper side of the backup battery pack. 


Always select the best pocket power cell at the most economical price. In this case, take much of your time to compare various brands and then choose the appropriate pocket power cell that comes with a competitive price. 

Final Thoughts or how to choose power bank?

We hope now you have knowledge of how to select a pocket power cell for your valuable gadget at the end of 2020? Hesitate no more! Put all these tips into use and get a backup charging device that will keep you chatting and tweeting long. 

how to choose battery pack today

Take map and power bank

When purchasing a pocket power cell, select the one that can facilitate the smooth flow of the required juice into your valuable phone. Also, consider testing that pocket power cell before you select it. Through this, you’ll save yourself from the disappointment and costly regret that comes from a faulty gadget. 

Always consider buying a pocket power cell from the known and top-rated manufacturer to avoid landing on fake products. Also, purchase a pocket power cell from a manufacturer providing a warranty for several months. Take note of the scrupulous sellers who like swindling buyers with flashy gadgets as they sell fake items. Insist on genuine battery banks every time you shop for one. 

That’s all! Choose power bank of your choice.

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