new half-life movie 2021

New Half-Life movie may come out in the end of 2021.

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Half-Life movie will be like Star Wars

At the end of the next year, you may buy tickets for a Half-Life movie. In 2021, the first episode of a serial film based on the famous game Half-Life may be released.
Rumors about the release of the film based on the scenario of the game Half-Life have been circulating since 2010. That was first mentioned by JJ Abrams, from the Bad Robot studio.

The studio was to start creating the film in collaboration with Valve, Gabe Newell’s gaming studio.

half life in the cinema

Part of Half-Life trailer.

Why they didn’t release the movie?
Everything is very simple. Gabe Newell demanded a huge sum for the right to use his trade and proprietary materials in the film. And he asked a lot.

How much does it cost to film a Hollywood blockbuster?

We know from Star Wars episodes that this is roughly $ 50-100 million for a full-length episode.

How much of this can the film company give Gabe to keep him profitable?

Not more than 20%. This is approximately $ 10-20 million.

What is $ 20 million for Valve?

Almost nothing. Valve Corporation spent about $ 75 million to create Half-Life Alyx. The average salary of a Valve’s programmer is 150 thousand dollars a year + social guarantees.

Gabe’s fortune is estimated at more than $ 6 billion. Therefore, even 20 million will not play a significant role for Valve Corporation. That is why they refused to cooperate with the Bad Robot company.

Who will make a Half-Life movie?

There is information that the Universal studio is preparing to start shooting the Half-Life movie.

Half-Life movie character

Characters of the original Half-Life movie.

How did they get Valve interested to make Half-Life film?

Everything is very simple. The annual turnover of Universal Studios exceeds $ 4 billion. The studio clearly has no money and investment problems. But most importantly, the managers of the Universal studio offered Gabe Newell to shoot not one film, but as many as 6 episodes. Each episode can be issued every 2-3 years.

Payouts from each episode to the Valve corporation will amount to about $ 20 million. In total, the Valve corporation will earn more than $ 100 million on the Half-Life movie.

Moreover, the release of new episodes will fuel interest in the original game for more than 10 years. This is a brilliant marketing move by Valve.
Who will be in the role of Gordon Freeman?
According to the rumors, Ethan Hawke may play the lead role in Half-Life movie. There is one complication.

Ethan Hawke as Gordon Freeman

Now Ethan Hawke looks like a perfect candidate.

The actor is now 45 years old, and the main character of the Half-Life game was 27 years old. Then G-Man put him in stasis for 20 years, which means in the second episode he should be 27 years old again.

Half-Life 3 takes place not much later. Therefore, we believe that Universal will appoint a very young and unknown actor for the main role. Half-Life movies will be filmed for over 10 years. In 10 years, Ethan Hawke will be 55 and it will be much more difficult to make up him like 27-year-old Gordon Freeman.

half-life movie actors

These actors will not play in the HL movie.

For the same reason, the main characters of the Breaking Bad series (Bryan Lee Cranston), Iron Man (Robert John Downey Jr.), or the main character of the series House, M.D. (James Hugh Calum Laurie) will not play the main role in the Half-Life movie.

Where this movie will be made?

The first episode of the movie will be made in USA, in New Mexico. We remember that the first original game was about the Black Mesa research facility located in New Mexico, USA. So, for creators of the movie will be better to move to New Mexico to make some outside episodes.

New Mexico Half Life

Some movie scenes will be filmed in New Mexico.

Most of the film will be indoors. Therefore, these episodes will be filmed in Los Angeles, at Universal Studios.

We also expect that episodes 2 and 3 of the Half-Life movie partially will be made in Eastern Europe.


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