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Finally – fast charger with iPhone 11 in the box. But what is wrong with this?


The Latest iPhone 11 and USB Fast Charger

The iPhone consumer community awaits the arrival of its latest models this September. Following previous trends, it is very likely that iPhone 11 will be launched on September 10, 2019. As usual, a 3 model smartphone is what we are expecting, and we suspect the first model would be named iPhone 11, the second iPhone 11 Max, and the third iPhone 11 R. However, Apple has not released any official statement about this smartphones; these are all mere speculations, but the sources are reliable.

3 models of iPhone 11

The anticipated iPhone 11 series, when released, should be powered by the newest A13 chipset, but its transistor count mirrors that of the latest iPad Pro models, and it will run on the latest iOS 13 operating system announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3, 2019. A new Taptic Engine will accompany the series; however, we regret to announce that it may not be having the 5G connectivity feature.

Interestingly, both ChargerLab and Macotakara believe that the long-awaited USB Type-C fast charger will be seen come with the new series to enable the fast charging of the device. Additionally, Kuo has predicted that Apple’s 2019 series would come with a 2-directional wireless charging ability (do you need it?). More speculations hint that the wireless charging case of the latest AirPods would work with the expected wireless feature of the coming series. If that is true, then we should also be looking forward to larger batteries which would be able to share power with the other Apple accessories. But whether or not the latest series comes with larger batteries, you can always rely on an excellent power bank fast charger to supply whatever battery power is needed on the go, and Okirobo power bank is your go-to wireless power bank, perfect for your iPhone.

iPhone 11 with fast charger.

The problem with iPhone 11 fast charger is that it will use another cable. Current iPhone models use USB-A – lightning cable, but new iPhone 11 will use USB-C – lightning cable. That means that you will not use your old cables to charge iPhone 11 using fast charger from the box. Positive moment is that you may use USB-C – lightning cable to connect your iPhone to MacBook. But remember when you did it last time? In Okirobo we transfer all our data wireless.

Usb-C to lightning cable for new iPhone 11 fast charger.

The new series will also feature three rear cameras which will include 1 LCD and 2 OLED. It is also reported by Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, that there will be improvements in the front camera which will have 12 megapixels instead of 7, and the usual 4-element lens will be replaced by a 5-element one.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurnman gives a further explanation about the camera. According to Gurnman, the top quality models should have the capacity to capture larger and comprehensive pictures with the ultra-wide-angle lens of their third camera. That means users can zoom to a wider range.

IPhone 11 will have new camera.

It is obvious that Apple wants customers to experience exciting new features in the anticipated series. The fast charging feature is an interesting one. Whether you are looking forward to buy the new series once it is released or still holding on to your current iPhone, getting more power options will give you a lasting use of your phone. Okirobo power bank are perfect for everyday use. They have a 10000 mAh capacity and are compatible with your iPhones. Check special promo price for wireless power bank!

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