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How To Detect A Fake Charging Bank For Phone? Useful tips.

Okirobo fast charger team 02.09.2020

Fake Charging Bank For Phone can be everywhere

A charging bank for the phone is useful in keeping power-hungry phones charged. However, we need to be extra careful when purchasing one because the current market is full of both fake and original portable cell chargers. A fake pocket charger for iPhone is likely to be too risky since it can explode and end up harming you. So, what primary elements do you need to check and what answers to expect before purchasing one? Worry no more! Keep reading this detailed post to get all the answers.

You agree that an external battery pack for iPhone is pretty awesome. It stores backup charges in its internal battery and then recharges your valuable phone at all times, even when you can’t access an outlet. But one unique feature with charging banks for phones is that they vary from one to another.

example of fake power bank

A clear example of a fake power bank.

Some power banks are large and enormous, and others are small-sized and light so that you can carry them with your smaller pockets. However, all these portable mobile chargers can store much more charge. The current market also features several other battery packs that lie about the capacity of their batteries. So, take much of your time before buying a portable mobile charger to avoid buying one with less capacity rating or one that is likely to explode unexpectedly.

Warning Signs Of Fake power bank

You need to inspect the actual cells of an external battery pack for the iPhone and then compare it to its labeled capacity to determine if it’s fake. 

Detecting A Fake battery bank

There are several warning signs associated with fake pocket chargers for iPhone that you need to take note of. These warning signs include: 

  • The fake charging bank for phone costs much less – something that’s not worth the capacity/brand.
  • The portable cell charger features a smaller size that does not suit its specified rated capacity. 
  • The portable mobile charger weights much lesser – meaning it does not suit its specified rated capacity. 

The brand is one critical feature to take note of whenever inspecting the veracity of a portable mobile charger. The brand has a significant impact on this case because some manufacturers conform to different standards, and other brands don’t obey any standards. 

portable charger not real

This is how a fake portable charger looks like.

The best retailers are the ones that follow the NCC regulations. These companies need to ensure they sell only the products that meet all the regulatory specifications. These products need to have the legal certificates of compliance, being labeled correctly, and much more. 

Moreover, the best retailers need to do everything they can to avoid selling incorrectly marked, fake or counterfeit products. 

Do This To Avoid Buying A Fake portable charger

It’s not easy to determine the real capacity of cool power banks.  However, you can gauge the approximate capacity by using the pocket charger for iPhone to top up another device. 

Note that your 10,000 mAh portable mobile charger is a perfect choice if it fully charges an 8,000 mAh gadget. On average, a utilization or conversation loss of 20 percent is not abnormal.

Therefore, the charges the cool power bank provides is the easiest way of checking if it’s safe or not. For example, a 10,000 mAh pocket charger for iPhone is safe it fully charges the 2,000 mAh battery of a smartphone three and a half to four times. This external battery pack for the iPhone is not the best option if it provides less than three full charges. 

phone charging pack

iPhone backup charger.

Most portable mobile chargers use either cylindrical 18650 lithium cells or rectangular lithium pouch cells. It’s critical to note the size and weight of these cells to avoid taking them part when gauging their capacity. 

Never buy cool power banks that don’t feature the ‘brand name.’ In most cases, you’ll get these portable cell chargers coming going at lower prices compared to the ones of the competitors. 

Note that the majority of the genuine portable mobile chargers feature a sticker on their box. You can scratch this sticker off to locate a particular digit code, which you can enter on the site of the manufacturer to confirm if it’s genuine. 

Furthermore, note that the majority of the original cool power banks support the pass-through type of charging. Here, these portable mobile chargers will top up your smartphone as they recharge at the same time. A fake charging bank for the phone will not support this type of charging. 

Besides this, you can open up the external battery pack for iPhone and check the built-in batteries. An original cool power bank will feature branded batteries, mostly from international brands like LG, and Panasonic. A fake charging bank for iPhone features counterfeit or locally produced batteries. 

phone battery bank

If you use the wrong power bank this may happen.

Never rush to purchase a portable mobile charger. Consider carrying out research first and get an in-depth understanding of the portable cell charger you’re about to purchase. Check the brand of the pocket charger for iPhone on the internet, and it’s a recommendable brand. 

Don’t forget to read the customer reviews of the cool power bank you plan to buy. The customer reviews help a lot when it comes to sieving out necessary data. 

Final Thoughts

The current market features several fake portable mobile chargers. These fake cool power banks are the ones that explode unexpectedly and even cause damages to your valuable smartphone. However, using the above tips, it will be easy for you to detect a fake charging bank for the phone. 

Buying a portable cell charger on Amazon is the best decision you can ever make. With Amazon, you’ll avoid purchasing a fake charging bank for the phone because this platform has strict procedures of portable mobile charger approval. 

Okirobo recheargeable power bank usa

Cell phone battery pack charger on Amazon.

Other than this, buying the Okirobo external battery pack for the iPhone is the right path to follow if you don’t want to purchase a fake charging bank for the phone. The manufacturer of this portable cell charger is a licensed factory designed in the USA that possesses all the international certificates. As a result, buying the Okirobo portable mobile charger is the perfect choice to make because this device is 100% safe. Other than this, Okirobo offers a money-back guarantee.

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