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5 Important Tips for Proper Charging Your Phones Battery Using Portable Power Bank

Okirobo fast charger team 08.10.2020

Charging Manual using Portable Power Bank:


Although most people look at features like screen resolution, processor, and memory when buying a phone, one of the most important features is the battery. If you think about it, without it, your phone doesn’t work. Sometimes you find a good phone but without a portable power bank, it will be a brick.


You should thus look at things like battery capacity when choosing a phone. It’s important because it determines how long your phone will last between recharges.

Apple iphone portable power bank

This phone needs a portable power bank.

But it’s not only the battery’s specifications that are important. It’s also how you care for it or what you do when charging a power bank. The better you care for your phones’ battery, the longer it will last. An important part of proper battery care is correctly charging your phone. This is even more so today when phone manufacturers are moving away from removable batteries.


Why your Android or Apple phone battery is so important?

Consider that you pay anything from $500 to $1000 for your new phone and spend extra on accessories like covers and screen protectors, portable power bank. It might be worth your while to take care of and protect the battery as well. In fact, by not taking care of your battery, you can ruin your device within the first year of owning it.


But how do you properly charge your phone, and how does a power bank fit into your charging routine? In this guide, we’ll show you how to properly care for your phone’s battery and how the Okirobo Wireless Powerbank can help. By following these useful steps, you can extend the life of your device.


1. Don’t Charge Your Battery to 100% Every Time


You shouldn’t charge your phone to 100% every time you charge it. Yes, there are some that say you should charge your phone to 100% once a month. Others say this is a myth, and it makes no difference.


The fact is you should use frequent, small charges to keep your battery in good health. But why charge it in this way? To answer this question, we’ll look at how a battery charges. When your battery is almost empty, it draws constant current and operates at a low voltage. This voltage increases as the cellphone charge up and level off at about 70% before the current falls until the capacity is full.

portable charger iphone

Fully charged battery of iPhone

Operating at a lower voltage is good for battery life and increases the number of available charging cycles of your battery. This is important because your battery only has a certain amount of charging cycles available. The same thing you should do while charging a power bank.


The depth of discharge also has an effect on the total amount of charging cycles available. This means using smaller discharges between charges, in other words reducing the amount of battery used between charges. These bit smaller discharges can actually double the lifespan of your Android or Apple phone or portable power bank battery.


For these reasons, we advise that you always keep your phone charged in the 30% to 80% range. So, when it drops to nearly 30%, charge it. When it reaches 80%, unplug it. This will greatly extend your phones’ battery life.


2. Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight


Because of the convenience of waking up with a fully charged phone, charging your phone overnight is a very common habit, and we all do it.  But this decreases your battery life. Every full charge counts as a charging cycle and, as mentioned, your phone only has a limited amount of cycles available.

portable power bank charger overnight

Do not charge your iPhone overnight.

Apart from this, leaving your phone to charge overnight or charging a power bank can also:

  • cause plating of the metallic lithium. This leads to long-term stability issues and malfunctions.
  • let your battery operate at higher voltages that can damage your battery as we explained above.
  • cause excess heat that can damage your battery.


3. Avoid Using Your Cell Phone While Charging It


Ideally, always turn off your phone when charging it. We know that this isn’t always possible. If you have to use your phone when charging it, try to steer clear of resource-hungry things like games and videos.

using portable charger while charging

Using your phone while charging a power bank.

Using your phone while charging it creates mini-cycles, where part of the battery cycles continuously and deteriorates faster than other parts of the battery. This means your battery’s capacity suffers.


Using your phone when the battery’s charge is almost full, and it’s still plugged in, can cause excess heat and stress on the battery and the device.


4. Keep Your Battery Cool


Just like any high voltages, high temperatures may stress the battery on your phone. This reduces the capacity of your battery.

keep your battery cool

Keep your battery in cool condition.

According to Android Authority, a battery kept from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (up to 86F) will keep 80% of its capacity after one year of use. If you raise the temperature to 40 degrees (104F), the capacity after a year of use will drop to 65%. For this reason, it may be wise to take your phone out of its cover while charging it.


5. The Okirobo Wireless Power Bank Is the Answer


To sum up, you should preferably charge your phone in shorter stints, keeping its charge between 30% and 80%, and avoid charging it overnight. This might not always be possible because you’re not near a power outlet at all times.

portable phone charger amazon

Apple iPhone best portable charger on Amazon.

This is where the Okirobo Wireless Portable Power Bank comes in. It’s small and convenient and you can carry it with you at all times. This means you can charge your phone if it reaches 30% charge and unplugs it again when it reaches 80%. With a capacity of 10000 mah, you’ll get 2 to 3 full phone charges from it. It just lasts and lasts.


In addition, it has the following features:

  • super-fast wireless charging up to 15W;
  • short recharge time – only 3.5 hours from 0% to 100%;
  • fast cable charging – up to 22.5W per one connector;
  • charging pad function – charge your power bank and up to 3 devices at the same time.


By using the Okirobo Wireless Portable Power Bank, you’ll always have power on hand and by following our guidelines in this guide, you’ll extend the battery life of your phone.

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