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Shocking facts about your phone battery! 5 tips when charging a power bank

Okirobo fast charger team 09.10.2020

How to destroy your phone when charging with power bank?

Did you know you have good chances of ruining your phone battery in the first year of using your phone? Especially when charging a power bank.

You paid $500 or even $1000 for the gadget and you can damage your battery just because you did not follow these simple instructions. Phones are super expensive, so we’re sure you want your phone to work as long as possible. Also, having your battery always empty is kind of a bummer so you should definitely try to prevent that. Charging your power bank and always having it ready to use will prevent that and they’re also very convenient.

get right power bank charger

Choose right charging devices as power bank.

Read these tips and tricks and your phone will work perfectly longer so you don’t miss anything important online.

1. Get an external charger


Nothing more annoying than having your phone die when you’re expecting an important business call or email. You can buy a power bank so that you always have a plan B. Charging a power bank also takes some time, but if you do so, you’ll always be available for some good news and you won’t miss out! A portable external charger will also help you be available in nature – you don’t even need electricity to charge your phone.

power bank phone charger

Portable wireless charger for iPhone.

It’s bad to have your phone be without battery for long – having a power bank will prevent that!


2. Don’t charge your phone overnight


If you like most people are charging your phone overnight, you might be doing your phone battery a huge disservice. After your phone is charged 100% it shouldn’t be plugged into the charger any longer because that way you make the aging process of lithium-ion smartphone batteries happens way faster. Fortunately, some phones, namely iPhones have a cool feature where you can schedule to finish charging by morning. Use that feature and prevent the damage!

overnight iPhone charging

Many people charge their iPhone or Android overnight.


3. Don’t always charge your phone to a 100 percent

 You might have the habit of charging your battery to its full capacity all the time. That habit might cost you quite a bit of money in the long run. The sweet spot? Keep your battery somewhere between 30 – 90 percent at all times. Having your phone have a full recharge every time will certainly shorten your battery’s lifespan. But, just as you shouldn’t have your battery fully charged, try not to have it drop below 20 percent either. Instead, always charge a power bank and have it on hand not to risk your battery die when you need it most.

iphone fully charged

When your iPhone is fully charged by wireless power bank.

4. Avoid crazy temperatures!


Leaving your phone on extreme heat or cold will definitely come at a cost. If you took your phone to summer vacation, you’ve probably had the experience of having your phone turn off because of heat. In cold weather, the battery goes empty way more quickly than usual. This is because chemicals in batteries make them very sensitive to temperature. Exposures to extreme temperatures will most definitely shorten your battery’s lifespan, heat being the worst culprit for this. The moderate cold won’t do much harm, but if you’re taking a skiing trip it might be best if you leave your phone in the hotel room. Yes, it’s hard living without your phone for a few hours, but buying a new phone is too expensive.

hight temperatures during charging

When charging a power bank avoid high temperatures.

5. Charge your power bank


So, you bought an external charger? You should know a few tips and tricks for charging a power bank as well. First, to keep your phone battery healthy, it’s very important that you chose the right power bank for your phone. One that is suitable and will help your battery has a longer shelf life. External chargers are very convenient and all you need to charge them are a wall socket or a laptop. Check the led light to know exactly when to plug in your device. When charging a power bank, a wall socket will do a quicker job, but even your tablet can do. Unplug when your device is fully charged to have the battery healthy for longer.

fastest portable charger

Battery pack Amazon.

Still, don’t worry too much – batteries are meant to be used and with just a little care and consideration, you’ll prolong their life significantly.

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