best wireless portable charger for iphone usa 2020

How to choose best wireless portable charger for iPhone? Useful tips.

Okirobo fast charger team 16.06.2020

Best wireless portable charger for iPhone.

Apple makes great phones, but its weak point is the battery. Therefore, you need to know how to choose a best wireless portable charger for iPhone.

One of these outstanding devices is the iPhone SE 2020.  This device is phenomenal for the price. It comes with wonderful specs. A great camera, a user-friendly operating system, and a powerful chip.

The iPhone SE comes with another great feature, Wireless charging.  Wireless charging is more convenient and saves you from all those tangly cords.

iphone se 2020 usa apple

Best power bank for iPhone SE 2020.

With over 37 million wireless chargers in the market, you need to know the best wireless portable charger for your iPhone SE 2020.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. By the time you are done reading this guide, you will be able to pick the best wireless portable charger for iPhone without any stress.

Here are a few important things to consider when you want to buy your wireless portable charger for iPhone. The most important thing is that the charger must be Qi certified. Buying otherwise could damage your iPhone.

Wireless battery bank speed

Fast charging now seems to be the rave. It is like the smart phone’s arms race. Every company wants to push out the fastest charging phone in the market. We can’t blame them, we love it. Who wants to have to charge a phone overnight till it’s full? No one.

iphone and portable chargers

Portable chargers for iPhone in 2020.

Luckily, iPhones have wirelessly charge power rating that goes up to 18W. So anything less than that is a no go. You should look out for chargers with a rating higher than 10W. The good thing is, most wireless portable chargers for iPhones get up to 15W.

Wall charger to charge iPhone and portable charger

This may seem surprising but it is very crucial to have a good wall charger. Some wireless chargers don’t come with a wall chargers and you have to get  one yourself. Also, the charger must match the speed of the portable charger and your phone. It is like using a donkey instead of a horse on a really.

So if you have a 5W wall charger, no matter the speed on the portable charger, it won’t go beyond that speed. Make sure you get a portable charger that comes with a fast wall charger.

Ergonomics – make sure your portable charger is flat

To get the best wireless portable charger for your iPhone, you also need a charger that is tailored to your needs. The design you should consider largely depends on your routine and how you work. If you need to charge wirelessly and work, then a flat charger is a right pick for you. With a flat charger, you can focus on your screen and work while charging.

If you have no use for your phone while charging, then a flat charger is the best choice. You could also use a flat charger by your bedside without any disturbances.

Here are some types of chargers that you can order for your phone:

After going through the things you need to know when purchasing your wireless portable charger for iPhone, you may be wondering which one to get. Let us take a look at some popular wireless and portable chargers that you can use for your device.

  1. Classic round wireless charging pad (10W/7.5W/5W).

Compared to many wireless portable chargers for iPhone out there, the classic round wireless charging pad is wafer-thin.  And it is even thinner than most smartphones at only 8mm(0.31in). Such chargers are not only thin but light, weighing just around 80 grams. It is very convenient to carry, but you need a cable and wall charger to get power in it.

charging pad for iphone

best charging pad for iphone

These things may seem too good to be true but it only gets better. This charger has a thermal vent that dissipates heat to keep your phone cool and maintain its charging speed. If you didn’t know, too much heat can damage your phone and battery and this charger tackles this problem effectively. The charger also comes with an LED notification which lights up briefly when turned on. This charger Isnt just amazing, it is budget-friendly.

2. Okirobo wireless portable charger for iPhone and Android

The Okirobo portable charger is one of the fastest chargers in the market, with a whopping 15W wireless charging capability and a fast 22.5 cable. In the box, you will get USB-A and USB-C and USB-C lighting fast cables which can be used to charge other devices.

Portable wireless power bank charger

Best power bank for iPhone, portable charger.

The powerful Okirobo wireless power bank charges at an impressive speed. It can be recharged from 0%-90% in just 3hours, quite amazing. This power bank is one of the fastest in the market. To no surprise, the charger comes with a capable 18W wall charger than can be used for any device.

3. Metal-frame wireless charger (10W/7.5W/5W)

This charger has a sleek design thanks to its gorgeous metal frame. This charger will add a special appeal to your desk or workspace. It also comes in different colors and makes for a perfect gift. This charger isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it is powerful.

charging pad with metal frame

Wired charging pad for iPhone.

This beautiful charger has a fast-charging feature that charges 30 minutes faster than any alternative with the same capacity we know every minute counts when we need to be productive. This charger is also quite quiet to ensure a blissful sleep.

4. Mini Portable Wireless Charging Pad (10W/7.5W/5W)

The only thing indicative of the name is the size. This charger is small and you can fix it on the back of your iPhone. It is compatible with nearly all devices that support wireless charging and it is a flexible. It is light and easy to carry. This device will be your companion to the moon and back.

suction cups power bank

Portable charger with suction cups.

The mini pad is case-friendly, which means you can charge your phone with the case on. Bad things about such chargers are:

  • weak suction cups;
  • small battery capacity.

5. Wireless Charging Stand (10W/7.5W/5W)

Classy, flexible case-friendly, and convenient. All these things perfectly describe the wireless charging stand. The wireless stand gives you the convenience of using your phone while charging.

standing charging pad for iPhone

Charging pad standing.

It gives you the chance to use your phone vertically or horizontally. Once again, you need cable to use it. You can’t use it on the go, only near the electricity source.


Smartphones are getting more important to use daily. We work with them, we connect with people it and improve our lives with them. We spend most of our time with them for good reasons and slow charging speeds can make us less productive and waste time.  There is a need to have a fast and reliable charger to improve our smartphone experience.

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