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What does the mAh Number of Your Phone Battery Mean?

Okirobo fast charger team 26.08.2019

What is the mAh of Your Phone Battery and the best portable charger?

Even if you have the best portable charger with high mAh, every mobile device requires a battery to run it, and there are various kinds of these batteries. The kind of battery in use determines the quality of energy and how much of it the battery will store. This, in turn, will determine how much time the device will be in use. The two common types of batteries that we find in mobile phones are Lithium Polymer (also known as Li-poly), and Lithium-Ion (known as Li-ion).

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New iPhone 11 battery mah.

A battery’s capacity is measured in milliampere-hour (mAh). A milliampere-hour (mAh) is one-thousandth (1000th) of an ampere-hour (Ah). Simply put, it is the current of one ampere flowing for one hour. It just describes the amount of energy charge to be held by a battery and the length of time that device will last before it will be time to recharge the battery again.

Best portable charger for your mAh

For instance, the Okirobo 10000 mAh power bank, when fully charged, has the capacity of charging a phone with a battery of 2000 mAh for 4-5 times (consider energy loses during charging), but if used to charge a device of 3000 mAh will only serve for 3 times with a remainder of 1000 mAh. This is simply because the capacity of a battery corresponds to the quantity of the electric charge which can be accumulated during the charge; in return, it also determines what is to be consumed off the battery.

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Flowing from the above explanation; it simply implies that, generally, when a battery is built with a larger number of mAh it will have the capacity to last for a longer period of hours more than the battery with a lesser number of mAh would last if used within an even task.

But not everything simple with mAh

However, the amount of current demanded by the device to operate at any given time will determine how long the battery would last. Thus, where a battery is used for smaller and simpler task(s) the current demand would be small and in turn, elongate the number of hours the battery would last. Whereas where the device is used for heavier tasks, then the battery will definitely not last long because of the task will demand a larger amount of current.

This explains why the kind of tasks our mobile phones operate at a given time will determine the life span of the battery of the mobile phone. The use of internet service, Wi-fi, games, music or videos will definitely increase the current demand of the phone which is solely supplied by the battery and will drain the battery quickly. Contrarily, where the phone is put on a battery saver mode, it stops the operation of certain tasks by the phone making the battery to last longer. Little wonder why smaller phones’ batteries last longer than that of smartphones.

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How many mah in your battery?

Understanding this basic science about batteries will help in calculating the life span of a battery. Simple as it is, one just needs to divide the capacity of the battery by the current required by the device. The result will show the average number of hours the device is supposed to function within the capacity provided by the battery in so far as the battery is not a faulty one. But your also need to consider some energy loses during charging. So, your portable charger can loose about 20-30% of its capacity. Do now worry, it is normal.

As stated earlier, a battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells. This implies that the higher the cells in a battery, the bigger the size and weight of the battery and the higher the capacity of that battery. This has placed a limitation on the capacity of batteries manufactured for mobile devices like cell phones.  Obviously, bigger batteries will make a device heavy and bulky which is not an option for handheld devices like our mobile phones.

What is the best portable charger for your phone?

However, you will find that power banks do come with higher capacity batteries, which is why they are slightly larger, just like the well tested and well-protected Okirobo power bank which has a huge honest capacity of 10000 mAh, and it can function for hours when used for the charging of devices. Check special low price for Okirobo best portable charger here!

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