The Best Battery Powered Phone Charger for iPhone and Android.

Hello, World. Meet the Okirobo Battery Bank Charger. It has been recognized as one of the fastest charging power banks across the whole of the USA. When you order your Okirobo Power Pack, you’ll receive a goody box with a portable charger and all the following things inside…

  •  A lightning-fast 22.5W charging port for any Apple or Android device;
  •  A super-quick 15W wireless charging pad (0% – 50% in just 30 minutes);
  •  A rapid wall charger for your rechargeable battery pack 10000mAh and two charging cables;

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

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Buy an Okirobo Phone Charging Pack and Receive bonus!

The iPhone backup charger you’re about to hit the buy button on is the fastest charging battery powered phone charger on Amazon. The speedy 15W wireless charging juices up your wireless-charging phone in no time. If you’ve not got one of them, the 22.5W wired charging capability is even faster! We’ll even put a couple of cables, a USB-A to USB-C and a USB-C to Lightning, in the box for you. Absolutely free!

Your Okirobo Battery-Powered Phone Charger charges via a mind-bogglingly fast 18W wall charger that’s also included in the box; and that plug can even be used on your iPhone or Android device. This really is the battery bank charger; let the world know!

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

The Fastest Battery-Powered Phone Charger from Amazon, with Fastest Recharging!

The sleek, sexy Okirobo Battery Bank Charger blows its competition out of the water; the American market wasn’t ready! It’s beautiful, it’s functional, and it can be recharged to almost 100% in less that three hours. The super-fast 14W wall charger is easy, functional, and quick when recharging your Okirobo Cell Phone Battery Pack Charger.

OKIROBO POWER PACK HINT: When the power bank charges past 90%, the charging speed decreases. This prolongs the battery life for your battery pack and means you’ll be able to use it for longer.

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

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6 Reasons to Treat Yourself to an Okirobo Phone Charging Pack from Amazon.

  • fast charging power bank

    The Okirobo battery powered phone charger gives you the fastest cable charging on the market today. We love our new Qualcomm 4 Chip that gives your device 22.5W of raw power. iPhone backup charger; Android backup charger. Whatever your device, don’t get it twisted. This is the best portable phone charger for iPhone, Android, and beyond.

  • fast recharging power bank

    The powerful 18W USB-C charger gives the Okirobo battery pack 10000mAh a recharging ability of less than four hours. Use whatever you want, the charger in the box or your original Macbook charger, you’ll get your new phone charging pack back to 100% in no time.

  • portable charger iphone

    Rapid wireless charging is distributed via a futuristic wireless charging pad that is soft touch and non slip to protect your expensive phone. We’ve taken everything into account with our new battery bank charger. 

  • 15 w wireless charging

    Mind-bendingly quick wireless charging for any device that supports it; welcome to the future of phone charging. Suitable for any iPhone, Android, or any other device that supports wireless charging. Up to 50% of juice in just 30 minutes!

  • best power bank for iphone or android

    The Okirobo Wireless Cell Phone Battery Pack Charger is perfect. Charge your iPhone, your Android device, and you can even charge your Macbook if you want. Easy like a Sunday morning; this is the dreamiest portable your hard-earned money can buy.

  • best power bank for iphone se 2

    Okirobo is the best power bank for the new Apple iPhone SE 2020. We all know that iPhone SE 2 2020 is one of the most balanced phones on the market. But its battery is not very strong. Just buy Okirobo wireless portable charger and your iPhone SE 2 will work as it should.

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

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The Fastest Wireless Charging with an Okirobo Battery Powered Phone Charger!

15W is the fastest wireless charging available today, and that’s exactly what the Okirobo wireless charging pad can do! Power up your Apple or Android device to 50% in just half an hour! One of the fastest rechargeable battery powered phone chargers on the Internet? No. Try one of the fastest rechargeable battery powered phone chargers in the world!

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!

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Your Okirobo Power Pack can Charge THREE Devices… whilst Charging Itself!

Don’t believe us? Charge your Okirobo Power Pack with a wall charger (there’s one in the box), and charge up to three devices at the same time.  It’s simple, check it out…

  1. Plug your Okirobo Battery Powered Phone Charger to charge it as usual.
  2. Put your phone, be it an iPhone, an Android, or whatever wireless-charging device you’ve got, on top of the wireless charging pad on the Okirobo Power Pack;
  3. Connect a USB-A cable with your device (iPhone, Android, or whatever else);
  4. Connect a USB-C cable with another device (iPhone, Android, or whatever else);
  5. Relax, wait for your three phones, and your Okirobo Power Pack to charge up!

Limited time offer, get USB-C to lightning cable and wall charger as a gift!


Okirobo battery bank charger FAQs

How many times this phone charging pack can charge my phone?

The Okirobo Battery Powered Phone Charger maintains an 10000mAh capacity. It can charge your phone, tablet, or laptop several times in one go. In fact, it’s all down to your gadget’s as to how many times the Okirobo Power Pack can charge up your device.

Anyway, if it’s not enough, it’s super easy to recharge your Okirobo Battery Bank. It takes less than four hours to recharge back to 100%, so don’t worry about it!


May I charge my Apple Series 5 Watch with this cell phone battery pack charger?

Yes, provided you use a special adaptor alongside your Okirobo Battery Powered Apple Watch Charger. Don’t bother buying another iPhone backup charger. This brand new Okirobo Power Pack from Amazon does it for you! No fuss, but the adaptor is sold separately.


May I charge iPhone XR with Okirobo iPhone backup charger?

Yes. The Okirobo Portable Power Pack and your iPhone XR are going to be best friends. In fact, this battery pack is the best, most reliable portable wireless charger for iPhone available today. Take your pick, use the USB-A cable on the Okirobo Power Pack, or use the Okirobo Battery Bank as a wireless portable charger for iPhone XR.


Is Okirobo a portable charger compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10e?

Absolutely. The Okirobo Battery Powered Charger can charge any smartphone. That includes the Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple iPhone 7, 8, SE 2, iPhone XS, XR, as well as any Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and Sony devices. Charge your device three or four times using one Okirobo Battery Bank charge, it’s not a problem. The beauty lies in the latest Qualcomm 4 Chip Technology; if you don’t choose us… good luck finding a better battery powered phone charger on Amazon to charge your Samsung Galaxy S10e!

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