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How New Technologies Impact Battery Life in Your Phone?

Okirobo fast charger team 21.09.2020

Have you ever wondered about the technological impact on your phone’s battery life?

When they release a new phone, there’s always improved specifications but the phone’s battery life goes down. They have larger and better screens, more memory, faster processors, and larger capacity batteries. Yet, even with larger batteries, the battery on new phones still lasts basically a day. Why is this?

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Bearded man with low battery phone and power bank.

The simple answer is that all these new features take their toll on battery life. New processors, larger screens, and better connectivity all use more power. That’s why you don’t get longer battery life with bigger battery capacity.


Let’s look at how some of these things eat away at your phone’s battery.




Connectivity can have a huge impact on battery life. Just think about it. At any time, your phone probably has it’s a cellular network, Bluetooth, and WiFi running. Obviously, if they’re on and you’re not using them, you’re wasting unnecessary battery capacity.

save your phone battery

GPS enabled APPs that ruin your phone battery.

But remember, people, want better connectivity and faster internet speeds. For this reason, these technologies are also always improving. Just think about cellular connectivity over the last few years. We had Edge, then 3G, 4G, LTE, and now manufacturers are beginning to roll out 5G. These use more power, especially with a bad signal, and can have a significant effect on your battery life.


This is not only true of cellular connectivity but also Bluetooth and WiFi where new improvements are constantly made.


Processor and battery life of your phone


The processor in your phone runs the whole phone. It makes your phone work and it regulates everything from your screen, your memory, and the connectivity.

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As manufacturers strive to build faster and better phones, these processors are becoming more powerful. They can do all the things previous processors can do, only faster and more efficient. Unfortunately, this also uses more battery life than previous phones.




As phones improve, they come with bigger, brighter, and better screens. From more vivid colors to higher resolutions, it’s meant to improve the user experience. But for this improved experience, your battery pays the price.


With increased screen size and higher resolutions, comes more pixels. These pixels have to be powered and the more pixels the screen has, the more power it will use.

APPs like Pockemon Go kill you phone battery the most.

Besides resolution, things like refresh rate and brightness also play a role. A higher refresh rate on your phone’s screen means that it will refresh more times each second. This uses more power and drains battery life.


For obvious reasons, a brighter screen can impact the battery performance. The brighter the screen, the more battery power it uses.


Other Hardware and Software


These may be the hardware that uses the most battery life in your phone. But there are also some other things that can drain your battery faster than normal. This includes things like camera, apps running in the background, and notifications.


What Can You Do?


There you have it. Now you know why newer phones with more battery capacity don’t necessarily last longer. But what can you do to extend the battery life?


Some of the things you can do to save battery life are:

  • Quit any apps that are running in the background
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if you don’t use them
  • Lower the brightness of the screen
  • Turn off notifications


These things can go some way in reducing the drain on your battery life but sometimes it may not be enough.


In this case, you’ll need a power bank for your phone. With a power bank, you’ll be sure of battery power all day, every day.

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